Check out my new video at You Tube about a dream I had this morning from the Lord.


I’ve been asking Jesus to prepare me for His return, and so He gave me a dream that revealed some unpleasant aspects of my self-nature in need of death.    The truth hurts, but the truth is needed before spiritual restoration can occur.   After I woke up from this dream, the Lord put this bible verse before me from Job 13:15-   “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.

The artwork used in my video is from fashion photographer, Michael Belk.    Michael sells sculptures, books, DVDs, notecards, Fine Art, posters and computer art on his website: .    Michael had a conversion experience at the age of 42, with a visitation from Jesus.  This is an excerpt from his biography page:

“…By 42, Michael says that his life was defined by “great excitement, huge success, but very little substance.” It was a busy life, but one running on empty. Physically and emotionally, he “crashed and burned” and found himself spiraling into a dark abyss. The more he tried to get himself out of this darkness, the darker it got. Finally, unsure of his fate, He had a visitor and he recalls “the absolute presence of God” in his room.

“More of your way or would you like to try Mine?” the visitor asked. Michael realized that he had not treated well all that had been given to him; that he had lived a life only for himself. He wanted to try “God’s way.”

Although Michael’s world was not instantly restored , a change was underway and the journey to know his Lord and Savior had begun…”