Dream Testimony of Jesus’s Love

 a man named Joseph has been given two dreams by the Lord to share with God’s children-  so I included the link here for you to be blessed by his videos.  He has two uploaded.

He sent me this message which I feel to post here– about if we only KNEW how much God loves us all-   and how much it Cost our Father in Heaven to send His sincerely deeply Loved Son to die for us-   a Son who willingly obeyed out of His deep Love for the Father.    We cannot have any idea how beautiful that love is except by the Holy Spirit revealing this to us.

“How many people wept for GOD when his little boy was on the cross. GOD gave what he loved most to us as a payment for our sins. Who thought then or now how it must have felt to have separation from what you love most. For GOD a day is as a thousand years. And then to give to others what you cherish most only to be rejected. It is a sad lonely world down here and sharing GOD’s true word is a path of sorrow. But this too shall pass for when we are in GOD’s eternal home we will still be alive while those who did not eat what was placed before them will be spiritually dead and starving forever. My spirit has been in the presence of the LORD on numerous occassions. I do not recall so much as what his face appeared like but his spirit was so full of love and compassion for his children. One time when I looked into his eyes his voice spoke to my spirit and HE said,”I LOVE YOU SO MUCH” if only the majority of mankind would have believed in him then HE would have gathered us all under his wings as a hen gathers her chicks and our land would have been healed. May the peace of GOD be upon you forever in JESUS name I pray. your brother joseph”