As much as God DOES love when we sing to Him in all sincerety,  there are a few dangers we must all be aware of so that we can keep from falling into some of Satan’s traps.

#1- Focusing on our nice singing voice:   If we really sound good when we sing, there is a danger that we get caught up with how beautiful our singing voice sounds with each song, and we then focus our attention on our gifts, and not on Jesus.  This is a trap from the Enemy to stifle any sincere praise directed to God by appealing to our “Pride of Life” and vanity lust.     Before worshipping the Lord with the gifts He gives us like a good voice,  we must pray beforehand that God will  deliver us from focusing on ourselves -but on Him instead., and we must ask the Lord to deal with this inner tendency of wanting to “pat ourselves on the back for a job well done” when it isn’t about us- but about Him. This is a real danger for those who sing worship songs in the music industry- especially when they are constantly being praised by fans for how wonderful they sound.    Jesus saw Satan fall from Heaven and satan- who was Lucifer at the time , was in charge of the musical arts..  so  dear music celebrity- be aware and ask God to ground you and keep you humble before His Presence!

#2-  Singing along with songs that make very serious promises to God like, “I Give my All to You, Lord”,   or  “I surrender All”, etc.    Have we REALLY given our ALL to Jesus yet?  Have we REALLY surrendered all? –especially when the Lord knows it can take a Christian his entire lifetime before He completely surrenders every stronghold to the Lord?    We must not exchange words for reality .     A good tip when singing these kinds of songs in your church or by yourself is to exchange the word “I” with “May I”   For example,   make these songs a prayer asking that God WOULD have you come to that place in spirit where you will one day truly surrender ALL.    Each song should be a prayer to the Lord in this way.

#3- Singing as a Duty/Habit in Church    This is one of the drawbacks of formal churches where hymns are expected to be sung– including weddings.    Every hymn sung- wether in a formal or informal setting that is sung without paying attention to the words  is nothing but hypocrisy to God.   He understands this is common amongst mankind, but He desires us to “come out of” this habit, and mean what we say to Him-  He wants simplicity in us.   He also dislikes prayers that are repeated as routine dialogue in church.  He wants us to speak to Him from the heart and wishes to lead us to pray to Him through His Holy Spirit-  something that God desires His priests and pastors to finally teach their flocks- to seek the Holy Spirit’s leading in prayer-  but many pastors and priests are ashamed to instruct their people this.  

So remember- when singing any prayer to God- sing it as a child would- and mean every word- do not blindly sing it as a memorized song.   This goes for prayer also.   We can become word hardened by repeating prayers like the one Jesus taught His disciples known as the ‘Our Father” prayer.  or the 23rd Psalm.    We need to get out of the religious box and say these prayers with new meaning- like we never heard them before until today- and enter into these prayers , asking the Holy Spirit to help us say them the way He wants us to.  

Remember that the angels in Heaven sing with total purity and sincerety of heart.  They know it is not about their beautiful voices though God has gifted them in this.  It is about the One they Love- The One they long all mankind to focus on as they do.–our Creator-God.   The more love they sing to God, the more love He pours on them and they overflow with His love as a fountain spilling forth healing water to the delight of the birds and children.