I was just watching a very beautiful video from one of our King’s Servants on YouTube- Bro, Jan Boshoff.  The Holy Spirit often gives Him direct messages to share with those who will listen , and he gets alot of flack for speaking the Truth-  which is another clue-in when you know someone means business with the Lord- when you start seeing religious people aggressively and intentionallly attempt to squash their messages down and slander them personally.  

In this particular video, Bro Jan shares a vision he had of Jesus– how alone Jesus often feels.   He saw Jesus alone and looking ahead with sad eyes.   He was told that was because noone was talking with Him- none of us Christians were trying to connect with Him, and there are periods He really is very alone, even from His own children.     How much Jesus still silently suffers to this day from those He loves. 


We need to ask our Heavenly Father to deliver us from this indifferent condition and to be sensitive to the feelings of God- of His Son.   This should be our new prayer from this day forward to never ever leave our Lord alone– to include Him in everything-  ask Him to guide our days and turn to Him to share with Him as we would anyone we love.   Even something small- like if we see something cute one of our pets is doing- or a wild animal -like a bird ,   to tell Jesus about it and share your joy with Him over it.   Don’t be surprised if the Holy Spirit gives you a response right back!    Share with Him your pains,– don’t complain to others — just confide in Jesus and then ask Him to be able to receive His attitude over the situation- not your own.  Thank Him too-   Follow Jesus for Him- not for what you would like from Him. He longs to be loved for Himself- not for healings, or gifts.     

Christianity is not about a religion- it is about falling in Love with the Trinity- the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who loved us way before we loved Him.    Christianity is an inner Romance and Love affair with Christ- who lived to die for us- Who LIves to be our King and died to be our Savior.     Let us not ever leave our Lord alone ever again.  

Here is a poem that I found years ago-
recently I discovered it again:

Don’t Leave Our Lord Alone


Twas He, Who watched beside you when life was dark and wild,

Who brought you safely Home and named you His own child;

You’ve come to Him in pain , dear, and ever found relief;

Don’t let another tempt you to leave your Friend in grief.

You’ve oft knelt at His feet, dear, with sad and aching heart,

And yet He never bid you Uncomforted depart.

Though others crowd around Him He still finds time for you;

Ah Yes! he is the Old Friend of all your friends most true.

Not wealth nor high position find favor at His throne,

But lowly hearts are dearest Who leave him not alone.

He calls you to be His child Then harden not your heart,

But come amongst His Chosen ones and live for Him apart,

The way may oft be weary Yet He has gone before;

He only bids you follow, and love Him more and more.”