This morning I had off from work, and I knew that I would have to help my mother all day in setting up, preparing and cleaning up for our family’s Thanks Giving meal.    Preparing meals in a chaotic cramped kitchen with two disfunctional dogs when I so love my free time off from work isnt my most favorite thing by nature to do but I know my mother couldnt do it by herself.   Given my way, I would just as soon eat out in a restaurant with my family then have the rest of the day to myself, but if I really want to follow Jesus as Lord,   I know I must follow Him where I wouldnt normally want to go.  I asked Jesus to be with us all day- to share our Thanks Giving with us and be included in our home.    This morning I prayed to Him before getting out of bed, and felt His presence near me and this sense of a need to submit under His sovereign will.  Not to serve Him how I want, but how He chooses.  I stayed in His presence and kept focusing on submitting to Him in everything.

Eventually it was time to stop my own activities and surrender the remainder of the day to the Lord.    Picking up my devotional book titled God Calling II:  God at Eventide: a  book of actual messages from Jesus to two anonymous women in 1932, I asked the Lord to provide me a Thanksgiving message for today.  At random I opened to whatever page I blindly turned to, and as is always the case when Jesus speaks to me so clearly, I felt electrified!

Here is the message He gave me for myself- and all of us:

Bounteous Giving

“Not what you can gain in any situation, but what you can give must be your question.  You follow Me of Whom it was said, “Even Christ pleased not Himself”.  So love, so help, so serve.

Seek the weak  and wandering.  Care for all.  Realize My overflowing and overwhelming Bounty.  The stores of the Lord are inexhaustable.  But to test and prove My generousity fully you must be generous.   My lovers give with no niggard hands.  A heart overflowing with gratitude for what it has received expends joyous gratitude in giving.”