This morning, I needed to go with my mother to the dog groomer and help her carry our handicapped dog, Mindy,  into the car so the groomer would be able to clip her overgrown toe claws and clean out her ears.    Mindy is a gentle dog who was born with joint problems– She also fears leashes and hates travelling in cars.     I asked Jesus if He would come with us- and prayed in the car with my mother that He would dispel her fears- and speak to her as only He would know how to speak to His animal Creations.

Throughout the ride to the groomers, Mindy kept whimpering , moaning and crying- her own way of pity protesting being where she didnt want to be at that moment.   My mother needed to stop at certain stores before the groomers, which caused more anxiety for Mindy so she whimpered all the more.  While waiting for my mother, I tried to comfort her the best I knew how-  even singing “Amazing Grace” to her- which didnt help her at all.  Then the Holy Spirit made me laugh lovingly at myself and at her- which caught her attention.   She stopped her whimpering and looked right into my eyes and I actually felt the Holy Spirit’s Love aimed right at her.  When I looked into her eyes I felt His love looking back at her- and she even noticed this as well– as I could see her focusing on something she saw in my eyes that she hadnt seen before.

She licked my face–and I rubbed her neck with our Lord’s Compassion for her channeling right out of me to this sweet creature.   She calmed down greatly- still whimpering occasionally-then looking back at me to feel better.    Here I was seeing first hand through the Holy Spirit , how He even wants us to channel HIS love through us to ALL living things-  our fellow humans, as well as our fellow creatures!      

On our ride home, Mindy was perfectly quiet and content, and Jesus taught me even further another truth.       Mindy is just like we humans.    We whimper , moan, and cry out to Him when He leads us in places we don’t want to go- or suffer things we don’t want to go THROUGH-even though He is with us and will not leave us.    Like the disciples who panicked when the sea waters were violently tossing their boat in Galilee,  we forget that Jesus is in the “boat’ with us and He will not leave us.  As Jesus was in the boat while the disciples panicked- Jesus was in the car with Mindy the entire time she was crying-  Jesus , Who owns my heart and lives in me calmed Mindy down just as He did the sea waves in Galilee and He taught me many things today!   When you ask the Lord to be with you,  everything is blessedImage!