Luke 10:30-37

Jesus 2Jesus Christ of Nazareth identifies Himself with all of those who have been rejected or scorned by the popular crowd..  Also those scorned by the Religious popular crowds.    During Jesus’s time on this Earth before His ultimate Sacrifice for us,  He identified with the Samaritans- who were looked down upon by the Jewish Religious Elite as “dogs” and not worthy of God.

In the parable of the “Good Samaritan” , we can visualize the scene Jesus depicts of a badly beaten, left to die man lying in the gutter- and being passed off by several religious rulers who had no time for him.       a Samaritan man passes by and is touched with compassion over this dying man- and the scriptures read, “..He came to where he was and when he saw him, he had compassion”.  .    Jesus is that Samaritan man;   He will come to us in our fallen conditions and meet us “where we are” to bring us back to Himself.      There are times Jesus asks us to go out of our comfort zone and come to Him, and then there are times, He – out of compassion and love because we are stuck, will come to us.

The religious in their own eyes will often pass us by wether due to indifference or scorn because we had made poor decisions that left us spiritually injured, beat up and dying by the wayside.   ‘They made their own bed, let them sleep in it” they will say.    Jesus turns no one away.  This injured man cried out to God in his heart for help because he couldnt cry out to Him verbally or mentally.    Often in our circumstances, even a sigh is a plea for help from Christ.   All is heard by Him, and when we cry out to Him in all sincerity and desperation, He – the Good Samaritan of our souls will not walk by us.

In verse 34, we read how the Samaritan poured oil and wine on the fallen man’s injuries and bound his wounds.   There is great tenderness in this gentle way of ministering.  The oil represents the comfort of the Holy Spirit and the wine also represents Christ’s blood shed for us-  and His blood was shed for ALL mankind- no matter how low that person sunk spiritually in their life.     The Samaritan gives the innkeeper 2 denari to further take care of this man while he is away.    ‘Take care of him, and whatever more you spend, I will repay you when I come back.”      Like this Samaritan, Jesus has also temporarily “gone away” and sent His Holy Spirit for us.  The innkeeper represents those servants God has given a restorative ministry to– those who are to minister to those who have fallen into spiritual ruins.    This type of service comes with a price to be paid at a great cost.  It is not an easy ministry as those in the most need of mercy are often those with very unappealing characters that got them in trouble in the first place.    More than 2 denari are needed,  yet our Lord — our King in Exile- will repay that servant generously upon His return.  Not just Christ’s final return before His Marriage Feast are implied, but also the many times Jesus returns to His servants that He has placed in charge over His little ones.    The more we give of ourselves, the More Jesus replaces that self with Himself!

When we see or read about  someone (including celebrities) in a pathetic deplorable spiritual condition , let us not criticize, mock, or scorn that person.   Let us pray for their spiritual restoration.    No one is a helpless case before Jesus and when that person can’t pray for themselves, he or she needs someone else to pray for them- for their highest spiritual restoration.       Don’t find yourself sitting in the ‘seat of the scornful”  in family and co-worker conversations.   Often , we may find we need to quietly walk away from everyone and use the restroom to pray while the conversation against that fallen one continues.     One day, in Heaven, our Lord will show us how each prayer of intercession for the one who fell in the “gutter” was heard.  We may see that person in Heaven one day- when we, by His own grace,  also brings us there!