This past Thursday, I awoke before the alarm clock and began to try to “reconnect” with Jesus.  Each morning I find I need to do this if I want to be in Jesus’s presence throughout the day.  

While starting out praying, I found myself starting my prayer with petitions to God- asking Him for this and that.   Then after this first prayer I clearly heard this thought from God “Loaves and Fishes” and I received this knowing from the Lord that His children so often start out seeking Jesus for what He can do for us-  exactly like how his past followers sought him out “because thier bellies were full” from the loaves and fishes miracle of the day before.These people didnt seek Jesus out so that they could be near Him and be in His presence- nor did they seek Him for Himself- for the love of Him. They sought Him because they knew He could give them what they needed for security, food, etc.– especially if they made Him King.  They didnt want Him to be thier King so that they could belong to Him and serve Him – but so that He could serve THEM.   

He had to confront them in all  honesty and tell them WHY they were really seeking Him.   They didnt like His reply and proceeded to insult Him–even downgrading His miracle of that day before, saying that Moses did better than that and even fed the people “manna from Heaven”.    Little did they understand that the very “Manna from Heaven” represents Jesus Christ, Himself!

The Lord showed me that even in our seeking Him in prayer today- we so often have the same attitude as those crowds when He taught on Earth.   We begin our prayers with , “Dear Lord, may you send me this,  or please prevent this from happening..,etc.  

We don’t focus on HIM- on His feelings, and needs- on wanting Him to come into our hearts so that we can become united with Him.     We need to ask Jesus to become our Treasure- not our needs or wants in life. We need to ask Him to open us up to a greater love for Him, and never be comfortable with the level of love we have for Him- but seek to grow in an ever more continuously deeper love.

While recording this incident in my journal this morning, the Lord gave me this bible Verse to accompany His teaching to me over this:    “Seek Ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these other things will be added unto you.”

Seeking the Kingdom of God is actually Seeking Jesus Christ as our Lord –wanting Him to lead us where He will each day– and not for what we can get out of Him.Image