On Christmas night, I was very touched by a testimony shared on the 700 Club. I don’t normally watch that show but I overheard it on my parent’s TV downstairs right at the part where they had a preview of a woman who had been crippled for 18 years in pain- and how Jesus came into her room and gently healed her. I made sure to find the channel it was on to put it on my own tv. They had a lot of Christian rock Christmas music they were playing first- so I waited for all that to finish to get to the Best part!


Then it came on. This woman had been in an industrial accident where she fell off of a top floor of her factory and hung upside down for several hours. Her accident resulted in her leg and hand getting RSD in the tissues and being paralyzed permanently. Her hand and foot went into a curl position and froze like that- and she needed to be in a wheel chair from then on. The only time she got out was when a nurse helped her to go to the toilet.  She said that the only way she was able to cope was to make a conscious decision to give it all to Jesus and rely on His help through her condition day by day. She was in constant pain, however, her loved ones were interviewed and said she always had a joyful disposition and never complained. She surrendered her pains to Jesus.


One day when she was alone, her wheelchair toppled over in the room and she fell on the floor. Noone was there to help her back in and so she cried to Jesus. She said she had no doubts whatsoever that “Her Jesus” would respond to her cries. Suddenly, she saw Light in her room from where she was laying on the floor. She saw Jesus, Himself walk toward her—and saw the hem of His garment and his feet . His robe was whiter than white. He gently kneeled down on one leg and took her foot in His hands and seperated each of her curled in pain toes one by one. Then He took her hand and seperated each finger one by one. Both her hand and foot became normal and the pain left. He then stood up and extended His hand to her to take. She took His hand and He lifted her up and they both walked out of the room. I’m not clear on this part, but I believe He led her to the part of the house where her grown adult son was at and—her son was shocked to see his mother standing at the doorway. After 18 years she is no longer in pain, and she still loves Jesus as always. She can now walk because of Him. When watching this video, I was struck by the gentle spirit of our Lord—how peaceful and loving He was in healing her- and I was reminded of the woman with the issue of blood in the scriptures –how she bled for decades until she touched the hem of His garment. Also was reminded of how in the scriptures, it’s said that He makes the crooked ways straight.


I will trust in You


This morning I had to call off from work due to the East Coast snow storm that hit my area of PA. I have carpal tunnel syndrome from the work I do at my job. While layng in bed this morning and seeking out His presence, I felt Him with me- and I felt, in spirit Him putting His hand over mine—(the one most affected by carpel tunnel). Later I realized I had to go out and shovel out our driveway from the snow if I wanted to get to work tomorrow!- and I asked Him for His strength to shovel the snow. It then occurred to me that the reason He put His hand on my hand (in spirit I felt Him) was because He knew that I would need to use my hands today with the shovel and He was –out of His beautiful Love- touching them so that I wouldn’t aggravate them further by shoveling! He is sooooo beautiful!