Abraham–who represents our Heavenly Father in the scriptures-   knew it was time his son, Isaac, was ready to  marry, but h wanted to make sure Isaac married who the Lord appointed for him- and not a Canaanite woman. The Caananites worshipped false gods- and rejected our Creator- the only God.

Isaac represents Jesus Christ- our Heavenly Father’s Son.  Earlier, in the book of Genesis, you can read how Abraham was put to a test of Love and asked by God to offer his son, Isaac, as a sacrifice.  There was something special about Isaac-  This son’s heart was open to Jehovah at a very early age.   Never once did Isaac run off after he realized he was to be that sacrifice.  He could have overpowered his father- as his father was very old by then, and Isaac was in his young teens- but there was a very humble spirit about Isaac-  In his heart, he also surrendered his life to God- so the test of love was also for Isaac, as well as Abraham.     Abraham surrendered his son to God, but before he could kill him,  God told him to stop- and told him, “Now I know that you love me”    Abraham’s love had grown to a higher level with God- where he would give up what he considered most precious to Him because God asked him to. 

Years later, Isaac has grown to be a very spiritual young man- a blessing to His father and servants, and often in communion with the Heavenly Father.   Abraham sends his servant out to find a potential bride for Isaac– someone of God’s choice.  This servant represents the Holy Spirit, Who seeks a people willing to become Jesus’s Christ’s Bride.


Reaching his destination , this servant brought his camels to a nearby well for water.  A very pretty shepherd girl offered to give his servants water, as well as all their camels. She was not afraid to work hard.    The scriptures say she was “undefiled- a virgin” .  The spiritual goal of Christ’s Bride is to become undefiled- to be “set apart” as a pure virgin.  The beauty she possesses is a simple inner beauty- a gentle spirit.  It is  the type of beauty Rebekkah had. To be undefiled means not to mix in with this World’s system, aims, goals, desires but to allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify you and make you Holy- with His righteousness- His wedding garment.    The Bride of Christ is a servant for others, and is not afraid to work as a servant for the love of Christ.   Rebekah’s feeding the servants and camels water brings to mind Jesus Christ, when He washed each of His disciples feet.    The Bride resembles the Groom in her character and actions.

Abraham’s servant met with Rebekkah’s parents and told them Abraham’s request- and his mission to find a bride for Isaac.   Her mother and brother asked if Rebekah could remain with them for 10 more days before leaving with him but the servant replied, “Do not delay me, since the Lord has prospered my way;  let me go that I may go to my Master.”  So they knew they needed to let her go- there and then.   The servant’s reply reminds us that when the Lord calls us to Himself, all ties must be severed.   Nothing must hold us back when it comes to following the Lord- even family ties.   They called Rebekah and asked her if this was what she wanted.  “Yes” was her reply.  The children  of God must say “Yes” to Christ in their heart before they set out on their journey in becoming united with Christ.

Thus began the servant’s journey with Rebekah , returning back to Abraham with Isaac’s future bride.   Before they arrived, Isaac is seen walking in the fields, meditating and in communion with God.   We see more of Jesus’s character in Isaac,  recalling how Jesus spent his solitary moments doing the same thing-  often praying throughout the night, and in constant communion with the Father.    As the servant’s entourage -with Rebekah, arrived to their destination, Rebekkah noticed Isaac from a distance, walking in the fields.   The picture of Jesus on my blog page-  walking along the shore deep in meditation, gives us the idea of how Isaac must have looked like to Rebekah from a distance , his head lowered in mediation as he walked the grain fields.  Isaac saw his father’s servant’s camel team from a distance as well- and started to walk toward them to meet them.   Rebekkah asked the servant, “Who is the man up yonder, walking in the field to meet us?.   The servant replied, “It is my master.”  So she took her veil and covered herself.   We see in this simple action, the humility Rebekkah had.  Humility is something that the Holy Spirit wants to create in God’s children as well- Not calling attention to ourselves, but desiring to remain hidden .  This is an inner trait of Christ’s Bride.

After the camels arrive , Isaac meets Rebekkah , his new bride, for the first time, and we can imagine how shy  Rebekkah must have felt in Isaac’s presence and how her eyes lit  up as he walked toward her!  She must have wanted to pass out right there.   That evening, they became united in Issac’s tent and the scripture actually reads, “And he loved her”  

We can imagine the love Jesus will have in His eyes when He comes to meet  His Bride.– His Invisible Church made up of men and women who allowed the Holy Spirit to prepare them and make them ready for their King- in Exile.


note:   the following website illustrates exactly what I’m trying to express :