Jesus’s entire life and ministry on this Earth -from the day He was born to the day His Mission of Sacrifice was completed before the Father- was one of constant hardships, trials, poverty and contrasts, and a Life completely dependent on the Father for all things.

A brother on YouTube shared on one of his videos how he had a vision of Jesus hauling heavy blocks from one area to another, and working hard–sweating and laboring.    He asked the Lord in this vision, why He did not use His powers as Son of God to do all of the work without having to lift a finger.   Jesus replied in this vision that He doesnt use His powers as Son of God for Himself, but only for the good of others.    This is the way Jesus lived His entire life on Earth, and how He lives even now as He continues to suffer for the good of others in spirit  and in His soul.

In the book, I Am With You Always:  True Stories of Encounters with Jesus”, by G. Scott Sparrow, Ed.D. , there is a beautiful testimony from a suffering woman, who had a Near Death encounter where she was shown Jesus- as He was on Earth— and I believe this encounter was given to this woman for her to know that she was being identified with Him through the many hardships she was enduring with her chronic medical issues.

Here is her testimony:  “I was in the hospital and very ill, having contracted tuberculosis at work.  We had been testing a herd of cattle for the TB virus and the pregnant cows came down with the disease.  As I was also pregnant, so did I.   Subsequently, I became so ill that I was pronounced dead at one point, and had a NDE before I was “sent back” to continue my life.   During my experience I saw lots and lots of steps leading up to a building.  I’d gotten about halfway up when I was stopped by a Man.  He wore no white robe,  nor did He have wings.  This Man was so lovely, but there was so much sorrow in His face, so much suffering, as if for all of mankind.   He also expressed so very much love and compassion, I felt He knew all about me and loved me, but He told me I couldnt go any further as I still had so much work to do.  This Man wasnt’ white or black, but He had very bronzed skin as if He had been living out in the open and had been in the Sun alot.  He wore a robe which I would say was homespun and handwoven.  He wore sandals that were just soles with a strap over the big toe.  He seemed dusty and weary, but so loving.   I have now come to feel that what I saw was the real Jesus.

Afterward, I began searching to know and find everything I could about Him- not just what is in the Bible.  I was exposed to that as a child and, although I can now read it with a little more understanding, I have been looking for more.   My earth time is coming to an end and apart from missing the family, I am looking toward going back Home.  I just hope I can continue to cope with the pain, and not be too much of a burden to others.  I have arthritis, angina arteriosclerosis, and have had seven major operations-one for cancer, which I now feel is coming back.  As He said, I have work to do;  but I now understand He also meant work on myself!” (K.V.D)

I believe part of that work the Lord had for this woman was to become united with the Lord in His sufferings, through her own personal sufferings.    for many, no suffering of the body is involved-  the person endures emotional trials ,  or suffers in spirit.   For others, physical suffering is to be endured.    I was struck by the description of our King in Exile from this woman’s testimony.      She mentioned how Jesus’s garments were home-spun or hand woven.     Jesus- the true King of Kings of all Realms and Universes created by our Father in Heaven, deserved to wear royal attire, but He was/is content to wear a simple home-spun non-dyed robe.  His sandles were simple leather sandles and the dust of the ground often covered His feet as He tread the roadsides visiting from town to town during His ministry.

Once when He was invited to a pharisee’s dinner, –not for sincere intentions, but He obeyed the Father and accepted the invitation.   The  custom of that day was for the wealthy to have thier servants wash the feet of their visitors, but that pharisee failed to have anyone wash Jesus’s feet–which were dusty from the Middle Eastern terrain.  In one of the many rare moments anyone actually showed any unselfish love for Jesus,   the scriptures state how Mary -who was delivered from demon possession by Jesus– entered that pharisee’s house with an extreemly expensive vial of essential oils, as she proceeded to wipe Jesus’s feet with that oil, and dry them with her hair.

Jesus and His disciples endured the elements, the cold, the hot Sun.    Jesus literally had no place to lay His head, as He travelled from place to place and slept outside in the cold many nights.   He went without food so that His disciples could have some, and there were those times He was so exhausted that His disciples had to carry Him into their boat while He was asleep.    Much of His suffering was the heartbreak He constantly endured, hate and indifference He suffered from those who were familiar with Him.  This heartbreak became all the more enhanced–to the level of being “baptised by a baptism of fire” at the end of His ministry.   Jesus paid the price drop by drop of blood from His birth to His death before ressurection, and yet He was sustained by the Holy Spirit.     Before being impaled on the cross, He was brutally beaten until He was unrecognizable, and He hung there stripped of His garments suffering excruciating pain and hypothermia while those who watched warmed their hands by their fires.

Our Lord said that to enter the Kingdom of God, one must enter through tribulations.   We will never drink the full cup of Sufferings He drank from, but for each of us who would become His Possession we are priviledged to share a small sip of that large cup of suffering YHVH, our Bridegroom King in Exile drank from.   Let us no longer murmer or complain when receiving even the smallest annoyance or contrast– let us bear our burdens quietly with Him- and walk with Him along that dusty path -through His grace as we join with Him along the narrow way into His Kingdom.