Genesis 22



In the book of Genesis, we read where Abraham, along with two of his young men and Isaac travel to  Moriah and go to a mountain that the Heavenly Father will reveal to him, where he was to sacrifice his son, Isaac as a burnt offering to God.   Abraham was shown the mountain on the third day of their journey.  He lifted his eyes and the Holy Spirit revealed to his heart the mountain that he saw afar off.    He told his young men, “stay here with the ass”  I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again to you.”

He with Isaac climbed the mountain and he took the wood of the burnt offering and laid it on Isaac, his son while he took in his hand the fire and knife.      The scriptures read, “So they went both of them together...”The Holy Spirit reveals something between the lines with those words in scripture which we will later see.

Upon arriving at the peak of the mountain, Isaac asks his father, “My father!”  “Here am I., my son” Abraham replies.  “Behold, the fire and the wood; but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?”   Abraham replies, “God will provide Himself the lamb for a burnt offering, my son.”  So they went both of them together.”

Again, the scriptures repeat “So they went both of them together” and this is significant.    Isaac and Abraham were united together in  spirit- they climbed the mountain together and as we continue to read, we will notice how it is confirmed to Isaac what he already knows in his heart- that he will be the sacrifice upon that mountain in Moriah.   Nevertheless, we don’t read that Isaac resists, laments or runs off.   He is united to his father because he is also united with God and because of this reverence for God,  he submits to God’s will just as his father submitted.   They were “together”- united in spirit.     Abraham was ready to slay his son with the knife until the Heavenly Father stopped him.  “Do not lay your hand on the lad or do anything to him;  for now I know that you fear God, seeing that you did not withhold your son- your Only son,from Me.”  God emphasizes, ‘your ONLY son”.

Centuries later Another in Whom Isaac resembles is also united with His Father– His Only Son Who willingly lays down His life unto deaths– even the death of the cross.   He is the Lamb of God that the Father has provided.   Abraham’s words were very  prophetic, He had no idea the import of what His reply would prophecy.   It cost both this future Son and His Father, but unselfish Love does not count the cost.  Both Father and Son are united in Spirit just as Isaac and Abraham were.The incident at Moriah holds more prophetic foreshadowings.    We read how Isaac told his father, “Behold, the fire and the wood..”    Abraham even had Isaac carry the wood up that mountain. (verse 6), which Isaac did willingly.     Even in this, we see ahead into the future as Jesus carries the wood of the cross up the rocky road leading to Golgatha- where He would be slain as the Lamb of God.   The Fire is also provided as the baptism of fire Jesus underwent prior to and throughout His mission of sacrifice.  This fire is also the Love that would consume Him as He foresaw the Fruit that would result after He- His Father’s Grain of Wheat, would fall to the ground and die.   As the soldier’s spear pierced His heart, we recall the knife that Abraham held.
It was Love that held Jesus on that cross.  As son of God, He could have come down from that cross at any time-especially after the sarcastic jeers screamed at Him to “come down from that cross if you are really the Son of God”.     He endured to the end to complete His Father’s sacrifice of Love.   Such Love of the Ultimate Father and Son!    Flashing back centuries prior, we read how the Heavenly Father promises Abraham that because he did not withhold his only son, that his future descendents shall possess the gates of their enemies and by them, all the nations of the Earth shall be blessed.       Little did Abraham conceive how this has come to pass in spirit.     Those who receive Jesus- the Lamb of God  into their hearts are  Abraham’s descendents in spirit- and as they become united with God, their spiritual enemies cannot harm them.    All those who are in the presence of a true child of God are blessed as they become channels of God’s love, mercy and compassion wherever the Father places them.  They become the “salt of the Earth” that purifies and enhances wherever they are through God’s Holy Spirit within them.  They, too, like Jesus- God’s Isaac-  will also fall to the ground as a grain of wheat,and  produce fruit for God’s Kingdom.