The Holy Spirit revealed to the prophet Isaiah that there would come a “Root out of dry ground”, which would be the coming Messiah- Jesus of Nazareth, our King in Exile.  How true that was!    Jesus Christ willingly left a Realm that contained unselfish Love, Beauty, Freedom, Joy on many different levels to incarnate as a fragile baby on a fallen arid planet containing  selfish love, man-made ugliness, grief and slavery on many levels. There is a line in the old hymn, “Ivory Palaces”, that reads: “Out of the Ivory Palaces, into a World of woe-only His great eternal love made my Savior go.”  He incarnated willingly out of love for the Heavenly Father, and out of love for mankind- to bring us back to our Father.  He knew the price He would have to pay.  This price was not only His physical sacrificial death at Golgotha, but constant spiritual attack by Satan and his demons directly and indirectly through fallen humans, a life of constant stress and poverty and maltreatment starting as a baby throughout His entire earthly life.  He never considered Himself, however, and with His eyes always fixed on our Father in Heaven, He suffered with Joy and perfect calmness.

After Jesus’s baptism in the Jordan river, He was compelled– driven by the Holy Spirit to go into the desert for 40 days without eating anything.   It was a very long 40 days with temperature extremes, loneliness, great fatigue, hunger, thirst,  satanic and demonic spiritual harrassment and temptations.   This desert experience for Jesus was prophetic for Him of what He would experience throughout His Ministry.   After His preperation in that desert, He would again experience all of which He suffered there physically as well as on a spiritual level the remainder of His life on this Earth.    He was willing to pay that price; to drink that Cup prepared for Him by our Father.

Satan tempted Jesus while in that desert, and while Jesus is the Son of God, He refused to rely on His Divinity to block satan.  Instead, He relied on the Holy Spirit to counter all of satan’s attacks.  Suceeding through the Holy Spirit,  satan was left confounded, and the scriptures say he left Jesus “For a season”.    After Jesus’s desert experience, satan would return again and again throughout His ministry– even trying to bait Jesus through His disciples.    An example of that is when after Jesus informed His disciples He would suffered a mock trial and be crucified, Peter blurted out, “God forbid Lord, this will NEVER happen to You!”     Peter meant well, but satan instigated that remark through him.   Jesus forever had to be on guard of satan baiting and tempting Him through even those who loved Him.   As a Lion , Jesus strongly and emphatically rebuked Satan:   ” get behind me, satan!!  He said– not at Peter but at the invisible instigator of Peter’s comment.    Then looking at Peter, He corrected Him , “You think not as God thinks, but as man does” .    As the good Shepherd, Jesus also was on constant guard of the enemy’s tactics toward His disciples and the people through the pharisees.    Many times the pharisees would try to plant doubt in the disciples minds, by cornering them away from Jesus and asking them loaded questions as to why their Master breaks the Sabbath, etc..   and Jesus would overhear and quickly come to the disciples aid.

When Jesus spoke to the people,   satan tried to discredit His Mission by instigating one of His enemies to set Him up for embarressment — only to be silenced as Jesus would reply to their challenge with a response of total Wisdom.   Morning by Morning, Jesus connected with the Father through the Holy Spirit not only for spiritual sustenance while working for the Father amidst Earth’s ruins , but especially for the spiritual strength of those the Father had given Him.  In the gospels, we read of Jesus telling Peter that satan had desired to “sift him as wheat” but that He had prayed for him that his faith would not fail him.



Yes, Jesus is definitely a young Root that sprung forth out of dry ground.    The dry ground was not just the arid desert-like conditions of the Middle East, but also the spiritually arid conditions of this fallen World in which He suffered fatigue, loniliness, constant threats, etc.    Nevertheless for the Joy that was set before Him, He endured His sufferings throughout His life up to the last minute of His crucifixion where He surrendered His spirit back to the Father.     After His death, the Holy Spirit ressurrected Him and He is again physically alive today.  He continues to suffer with the joy set before Him on behalf of all who serve Him in every age up to the end of His exile– when He will return to this Earth and set up His Father’s Kingdom.

The Lord and King