Unless the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus’s personality to us,  it is not possible to really know Him, and see for ourselves what kind of awesome Person our King actually is.  When read aided by the Holy Spirit, the scriptures do give us some clues, even some clues regarding Jesus’s sense of humor.

One example can be found in Mark 3: 17 when Jesus was appointing His disciples.  He called James and John, “The Sons of Thunder” because they had very explosive personalities.   One can detect our King smiling while giving these men that title with His love for them.

Another example would be when Jesus was walking ahead of His disciples along the path (Mark 9:33-37)  and His disciples quietly began discussing which one of them would be the greatest in the Kingdom of God– speaking quietly enough so that He would not hear them.   Nevertheless, He DID hear them, as the Son of God hears everything!   He didnt let on He heard them though, and I am sure He thoroughly enjoyed asking them out loud, “What were you discussing on the way?”

They , silent and embarrassed, did not respond to Him-   and knowing full well what they were discussing, He took a child in His arms and told them how anyone who receives one such child, receives Him.  “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all” He said.

Only as we get to know Jesus intimitely- do we discover more of Jesus’s great sense of humor in the scriptures as well as incidents in our daily walk with Him!   I had one such incident in a dream recently.    When I would be outside eating lunch during the Summer, I would see alot of those cute yellow or white cabbage moths fluttering around the grass.   I learned from a very dear pastor how my pastor’s grandfather would see these butterflies fluttering outside of his shed window where he would go to pray and spend time with the Lord.   In Italian, he would make a poem about these butterflies, that read something like, “butterfly, oh butterfly, fly up to Heaven and tell my Lord I love Him!”   So I will say the same prayer when I see a butterfly–  and go one step further and tell the butterfly to kiss my Lord’s face- and rest on His nose!

Well , some months later, I had a dream of myself joyfully laughing and falling onto the ground in a meadow of buttercups.  A little girl (who looked alot like me at 4 years old in a little dress) was playing with the buttercups and I was laying on the ground looking up into the sky laughing.  Suddenly this little cornflower blue butterfly flew right up to my face and onto my nose-  resting there while opening and shutting it’s wings.   In the dream, the little girl giggles at the butterfly on my nose and tries to see if she could make the butterfly’s blue color rub off on my nose.  The butterfly fluttered away and I woke up totally at peace.

This dream was from our Lord as a response to my prayer to Him 🙂  He really DOES have a great sense of humor folks!