In the book of Genesis, we read how God planted a garden and placed Adam- the first human man, in that garden.  He also planted many trees there; in the center of that garden, He placed the Tree of Life.    The Tree of Life was actually prophetic of Jesus Christ, and that very garden of Eden was prophetic of the heart of man totally united to and in our Creator.   The physical garden of Eden –which DID physically exist- represented our hearts.   Before Eve succumbed to satan’s temptations in that garden,   plants had no thorns, and crabgrass didnt choke the flowers away.    After Eve listened to satan,  not only the entire natural environment, but especially the heart of mankind succumbed to thorns and crabgrass.  Our hearts became full of prickly negative attitudes and idols that would choke our spirits just as in Nature.      Adam and Eve needed to learn why God placed the Tree of Life in the middle of that garden–  He placed it intentionally in the center to represent how the humankind can never be Whole and at perfect peace until we receive Christ in the center of our hearts- until we receive Him as our Lord and King- not just as our Savior.   This means making room for Him in our hearts- by uprooting the crabgrass (idols) and allowing the Holy Spirit to take away our thorns (our self-life).

Psalm 46, verse 4-5 reads the following:  “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy habitation of the Most High.  God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved…”         The river the psalmist speaks of represents God’s grace through His Holy Spirit.   The City of God is none other than the actual Kingdom of God.  She shall not be disturbed but at peace, because God is in the MIDST of her.      This descriptive psalm inspired by the Holy Spirit to the psalmist, beautifully illustrates  the inner condition of one who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and King.    The Lord is no longer exiled from their heart, but is in the midst of them- and so while the mountains may crumble and the earth move, they experience perfect peace because Christ was permitted entrance to the center of their very being.     They are now possessed by God and unlike those possessed by evil spirits, the one who is possessed by God knows true freedom and experiences true rest and peace.   

An example of this inner condition is Jesus’s calm demeanor while sleeping in His disciples fishing boat in the middle of a violent storm.   Jesus lay calmly asleep and at peace while His disciples were extreemly agitated and fearful due to storm and waves.    When they awoke Him, they were rather offended in Him and asked Him, “don’t you care that we perish?!” Still calm, Jesus rebuked the wind and waves and then looking at His disciples, He gently rebuked them for their little faith.    They stared in shock, wondering what manner of Man this was that even the Sea and the wind obeys Him.