n the book of Genesis We read how our Lord directed Noah to build an ark to keep them in safety from the coming flood.  The ark was to be constructed with gopher wood and when Noah and his family would enter the ark, God would establish His covenant with them.   They would be safe in this Ark from the deep drowning waters that God would use to purge and clean the Earth.    The Ark represents Jesus Christ-   He is our Covenant, and when we enter into Him, we are in perfect peace– perfect security on all levels from the storms, and floods surrounding us— especially in these present End Times, where chaos is increasing on a greater scale.   These things will no longer move us emotionally when we enter into Jesus through the Holy Spirit.    

An example of this perfect condition of God’s inner rest and peace is Jesus , Himself.   When the disciples were in danger of being capsized from a sudden unexpected storm that brew over the Sea of Galilee, Jesus was peacefully sleeping in the boat with the.  They were completely agitated and fearful-  even a bit resentful of Jesus for His seeming indifference while they were in danger.  The woke Jesus up and rebuked Him, “Master, do you care not that we perish?!”      Looking at them, Jesus asked them, “Where is your faith?”  and then He rebuked the Sea and waves, which then immediately calmed down.   The disciples looked at Jesus with thier mouths open-   wondering what manner of Man this was, that even the sea and waves obey Him.      That little boat was like Noah’s ark in a sense- because Jesus was in that boat with them.     They were safe, with Jesus, Who had that inner peace and rest because the Father is at the very center of Jesus’s Being.   Those who fully surrender to Jesus have Him, the Holy Spirit and the Father in the center of their Beings just as Jesus, our Tree of Life, who dwelled in the midst (center) of the Garden of Eden.