Please check out Krystal Bealle’s Youtube page of messages she receives from Jesus, sharing His Humanity with those sensitive enough to receive Him.


“Hello my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ and welcome to my channel. I received a vision back in 2008 of Jesus carrying the cross. I saw him nailed to the cross and then the cross raised. Jesus said behold I come quickly. Since then my life has forever changed. I have lost all my family due to this and custody of my son who was three at the time. I was deemed crazy for they did not believe that Jesus revealed himself to me, speaks to me and shows me visions. That’s quite alright because I gained Jesus I have it ALL. I feel his love his pain his frustration his mercy his friendship and Lordship. I would love to speak to other believers and reach out to them. Please feel free to contact me I will not turn you away but please do not be disrespectful to Jesus and myself and my beliefs you may not agree with what I revealed here but please I ask with a sincere heart that you respect Jesus and me. God Bless you all I hope to hear from you, All my love.”

Another featured Youtube Channel is John D’s channel of  messages of Jesus, The Father,  Mary and those saints who have gone on before us to  a woman visionary friend.  She is now elderly but has saved all of these precious messages in her journals and felt led to make them public. This Brother was led to share them online to those who would appreciate them.    Jesus_202