passion169Recently I was thinking about Mary, Jesus’s mother.. How much she shared in Jesus’s life, and the pain He experienced in His earthly exile for the Father.  Simeon was so right when he told her that a “sword shall pierce your own soul also, that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed”    (Luke 2:35)

When Mary and Joseph lost sight of Jesus during His first Passover, they spent three days in agony backtracking their footsteps, trying to find their Son..    Three days of anguish until with joy, and a little anger, they found Him in the temple.       The three days is not a coincidence.    Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days until he saw deliverance.   These three Days in the scripture signify death and resurrection, and eleven years later, Jesus also would undergo three days of death , then resurrection.

While Jesus would lay in the tomb for three days, Mary, again, experienced the worst death and resurrection emotionally even worse than what she and Joseph experienced in the beginning of Jesus’ earthly life when they thought they lost Him.    Again, she thought she lost Him forever as well , and it pained her to the core seeing her Son mistreated like garbage on the Cross, disrespected , spat on, ridiculed, tortured.     Jesus died that day but so did Mary.   A sword truly pierced her own soul also when they pierced Jesus’s side with that spear.   For years a sword pierced her side as she stayed true to the calling the Father had given her; never compromising her faith and love for Jesus and the Father.  At Golgotha, it was the Grand Finale of soul wounding, and her soul underwent a death with our Lord that day.  Three days later, tears turned to ecstatic joy when she found her Son was no longer in the tomb.   He had been resurrected.  She was overjoyed when He visited her those 40 days He remained on Earth before ascending to the Father.

After that first three days of darkness when she and Joseph found Him in the Temple, He replied to her, ” How is it that that you sought Me?  Did you not know I would be in My Father’s House?”

Eleven years later, Mary would “find” Jesus alive again, and her tears would be turned to joy.   After meditating on Mary and her three days of darkness experienced in the beginning and at the end of her Son’s exile in this Wolrld, I opened without planning to our Lord’s words to Gabrielle Bossis recorded in her journal, “He and I”.   My eyes fell on the following:  Holy Saturday:  “Rise from the dead.  Rise with Me to a new life, a better one, to a life nearer to Me.  Always nearer to Me.  Beg Me to help you, and be sure that I shall.”