One of the first miracles Jesus did in the beginning of His ministry was turning the water into wine at the Wedding in Cana.    Jesus never called attention to Himself ,  even with this miracle.     It was quietly done so that only the servants knew what occurred, and some of the disciples.  The steward of the wedding feast remarked how they had saved the best wine for last.  You don’t see Jesus raising His hands and saying, “ahem… that was My doing”..   He kept quiet and perhaps smiled a coy smile with a twinkle in His eyes at His mother, Mary , who also knew Jesus was responsible.

At the end of Jesus’s ministry, He tells His disciples, “I will not drink again from the fruit of the Vine until I drink it in My Father’s Kingdom”.    In the Wedding at Cana, the best Wine was saved for last.      When Jesus returns, the best will have been saved for Last..  Himself.    And we can’t wait for that Day!