Recently I had been working some overtime at my job, and found myself patting myself on the back for giving up some of my coveted time to help another co-worker.    Then the Lord showed me other people who had given up far more than my little amount of over-time for Him, so I realized I needed to stop “patting myself on the back” and see Him in others.

The following day, the Holy Spirit revealed to me just how much Jesus worked overtime-  His “overtime” was 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  He never had time for Himself.   His time was surrendered to the Father for the good of others.   He never turned anyone away who came to Him., and that was all the time.   Many came to Him out curiosity and selfishness..  They didn’t come to Him for Himself, but for what they could gain from Him.  He knew this, but out of compassion for them, He still didn’t turn them away.     Often, He’d rise early in the morning before daybreak, seeking a solitary place to commune with the Father alone in prayer.  It was the only time He actually had to be alone with the Father. (Mark 1:35)     So many demands were placed upon Him, yet He received them all.

In one incident where the Jews wanted to make Him King by force because of the miracle He made of the multiplication of the bread and fish,   He had to constrain His disciples (who also agreed with the crowds) to get in their boat and sail to the opposite shore, while He dismissed the crowds.   The then withdrew to the hills to pray.   The scriptures (John 6:15 , Mathew 14: 22-23) relay how as Evening fell , “He was there alone”

No, time was never something that belonged to Jesus.  He gave up that luxury for love.    Reading “He and I”, I opened that morning right to the following words He spoke to Gabrielle Bossis:     “Lend Me your hand to write,. lend Me your voice to teach the little ones the Living Truth; Lend Me your body too, when you travel, when you toil, when you eat and when you sleep.  I did all these things when I lived among men.”