jesus-on-trial-3-GoodSalt-pppas0428Jesus- Ecce Homo43jJesus, the King of Kings

I added these four pictures of Jesus;  two of Jesus standing before Herod or Pilate and two of Jesus standing before man as the revealed King of Kings.     When Jesus was standing on Trial before Herod and Pilate, little did they know that Who they had standing before them was actually the King of kings!   Here, Herod prided himself in being Isreals’ figurehead king.   Mocking Jesus, He demanded Him to prove Himself by preforming yet another miracle.     Jesus stood their quietly and said not a word..    His demeanor was calm and at peace before the Father’s presence.    Truth and purity glistened in His eyes and true inner Majesty emanated from Him .. even while standing there barefoot in a peasant’s robe, stained with sand.     They didn’t recognize His Royalty because His Royalty is not of this World.  Arrogance and Pride is foreign to that Higher Royalty of the Father’s Son.      Meditating on these two images, we see two kings…   a king of this World and the True King of Kings whom only those with spiritual eyes could see He was more than an ordinary man.

The next two photos reveal Jesus’s true Royalty as the Christ , revealed to the disciples on the Mt. of Transfiguration and Our Judge and King standing before us on the Day of Judgement when every knee shall bow before Him on that Final Day.