02-jesus-heals-a-woman-of-faith-1800jesus-at-home-of-mary-and-martha-GoodSalt-prcas1468mary-at-the-sepulcher-1-1-1-GoodSalt-prcas1442Mary of Bethany
The daughters of Jerusalem:
“To where has your Beloved gone
Oh fairest among women?
Where has your Beloved turned,
That we may seek Him with you?”
The Shul’ammite woman:
“My Beloved has gone down to His garden
To the beds of spices so rare;
To pasture His flock in the gardens,
And to gather lilies so fair;
I am my Beloved’s
And My Beloved is mine;
He pastures His flock among lilies;
And rarest flowers so fine;
He tells me with the morning dew,
“You are all fair-
My love…. My dove!
There is no flaw or spot in you;
You’re the lily of My love..,
daughter’s of Jerusalem…. again:
“Return, return, Oh Shul’ammite!
That we may look upon you!
For we see your Beloved in your face
And in your heart so true…
Fair as the moon,
Bright as the Sun
Upon the morning’s dew!
The Shul’ammite Woman:
“His speech is most sweet,
The most desirable of men:
My Beloved and My Friend;
His appearance is like Lebanon,
O Daughter’s of Jerusalem!”
Oh You, My Love
Who dwell in the Garden,
The Garden of Mryhh and Spice;
My companions are listening for your voice,
Their hearts for You enticed!”
Make haste My Beloved
Like a stag or gazelle,
Upon Your Holy Mountain!
Return, Return
Our Prince of Love
Our Fathers’ Well Beloved One!
If I met you outside I would kiss You,
and none would ever despise me,
I would lead you and bring You
To my mother’s Home
To the chamber of her who conceived me;
Before I was aware My fancy set me
Beside My Prince at last,
Until the days breath and shadows flee,
and the long hard Winter is past;
Both Shul’ammite and Daughter’s of Jerusalem together:
“Let us be Your Heart’s seal
And a seal upon Your arm;
Many waters cannot quench love
Nor Can flood waters bring it harm;
Let us see Your face,
Let us hear Your Voice,
 we are now Yours-
Lord let us come away,
To become Your brides of  choice!