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While reading Mother Teresa’s book, “Total Surrender”, I was touched by her observation of Jesus’s poverty while He walked this Earth:   “Our Lord on the cross possessed nothing. He was on the cross which was given by Pilate.  The nails and the crown were given Him by the soldiers.  He was naked, and when He died, cross nails and crown were taken away from Him.  And He was wrapped in a shroud given Him by a kind man and buried in a tomb which was not His.”

Also she observed:   “It would be a defect to speak about food or to complain about what is served.  To be occupied with such thoughts anytime is not edifying.  If dishes taste well, thank God!  If not, thank Him still, and thank Him even more because He has given you the opportunity to imitate our Savior in His poverty.  Christ certainly did not feast sumptuously during His life.  His parents were poor, and the poor do not feast on the good things of the table.  In fact, He often endured real want as the multiplication of the loaves and fishes and the plucking of the ears of corn on walks through the fields teaches us.  These incidents should be salutary reminders to us when our meals are meager.”

I am reminded of an experience years ago when I was eating a soggy submarine sandwich in my car one damp rainy day in March..  and complained out loud, “Jesus wouldn’t have even eaten this crap in Naz…” but before I could get the word “Nazareth out of my mouth, I distinctly heard Jesus speak to me, interrupting me and say, “I ate worse than that”.       I was convicted and from then on, am careful about whining instead of thanking God for what He provides for me.

Jesus, our humble King of Kings of all Universes could have turned rocks into bread to satisfy His hunger, but He refused to go against the leading of the Father in all decisions.   He emptied Himself in all areas of life..      Opening to “He and I”, the Lord gave me the following excerpt of His words to Gabrielle Bossis:

“…Be full of joy when you are misunderstood or overlooked because this makes you just like me…I Who lived only for My children.  I wanted a little soul on earth who would live from time to time wholly for Me.”  And when you are alone, think of My 40 days of solitude and be one with Me..  How happy, I’ll be, My poor little one.”

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