A vision from the Lord Debra Holland received.. how much Jesus suffered for us..

Heart Dwelling With Jesus

I have always KNOWN that the Shroud of Turin was Yeshua/Jesus but seeing Him alive He looks very different.  I know in my spirit that satan threw EVERYTHING he had at Jesus leading up to and on the cross.  Whatever films we have seen bear NO resemblance to the truth because it would have been demonic warfare and satan was utterly out to destroy Him.  The bible says in the psalms that He did not even look like a man He was so disfigured by His beatings………….too awful to imagine.  In my 40’s I  had a vision of Jesus on the Cross – I was standing at His feet looking up at Him – His face was black with dried blood – His hair hanging down also was full of blood.  I could only see His eyes in the blackness which were so full of pain and ABSOLUTE AGONY…

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