I had to write you this morning. I had many apocalyptic and God dreams around 2010-2012 after a near death in April of 2010. God had used this to bring me back to Him and draw me away from worldly things. He stripped me of everything. Acting, modeling, girl backup groups, photoshoots, boyfriend, partying, drinking, and He used this time to refine me with fire from heaven! My heart changed, my thoughts changed, my desires and priorities changed and while I was born again since I was 20 I was living for me and life was all about me. The Lord wanted to make it clear its all about HIM. I lost many friends during that time. Life has become lonely as my daughter is grown and I have been single for many years. God has blessed me with two amazing companion kitties, Josie and Sweet Pea. the same company for 28 yrs and in April was given a layoff notice. …….God has limited what I can do and it has slowed me down allot. I have worked for  I believe The Lord has removed me from the daily stress and anxiety grind after my entire life’s career to be able to spend all of my energies for Kingdom purpose……

I have had no dreams from The Lord since around late 2012 and now that my head is clear and my anxiety has been lowered I asked The Lord if there was anything in me that has kept me from hearing from Him in dreams and why I have felt far from Him. God showed me just a week ago a few hidden sins in the deepest corners of my heart that were unsightly to Him. Anger and resentment …feelings of rejection  … The Lord also showed me how He hates it when I talk about people because of my contempt or feelings of rejection. I have repented of these filthy rags and with the Holy Spirit’s help I will overcome. The thing I have not had is LOVE for others. Sometimes I don’t feel well and it makes me short with others…God is showing me these little things He wants cleaned out of my heart.   …..My whole life has become research and study for end times, things of the Bible, prophecy, Israel, and how current events and daily headlines line up with Bible prophecy. Now that I am not working I have hours and hours to study and it is all that is in my heart these days……

So with all my heart I talked to the Lord last night. I told Him I wanted to have purpose and to be involved and if He wanted me to share my dreams online I would but I had to know for absolute sure it was from Him and not from me trying to get attention and glory….its not about me! I told The Lord if He wanted me to do this it was up to Him to give me a dream for confirmation and I would do nothing until He gave me a dream. I have not heard from the Lord in a few years, and have felt far from Him. I gave it up to Him, thanked Him and went about my day.
I woke this morning in absolute amazement that The Lord of all would answer my prayers in such a tangible way and want to use such an imperfect selfish sinner such as me. After nearly 3 years, the same night I repented, and prayed earnestly, He gave me a dream! This is the dream:
I found myself walking out at night in a residential area, I felt I might be in danger and stayed up near the lit homes. I came to a bar where my sister was and was relieved to see her. There were many people there I kind of knew and then a gang of girls started getting angry at me, I grabbed my sweaters (I had about 3 or 4) and tried to leave. They stopped me and I looked for my sister and she was not around. One of the girls kept telling me I did something to her back some years ago. I asked her name and said I don’t even know who you are. She kept insisting and still I said I don’t even know you. If I did anything to you I am sorry but I don’t remember you. I quickly left and found myself walking along the interstate in the dark. People became unruly and crazy and they were driving like they were out of mad max with their headlights blaring coming off the roads into the valley next to the interstate. People were running from something but when I asked one woman she smiled and no idea. Everyone was flooring it into the valley in the dark with high beams coming out of the trees. I thought I should go with them and was suddenly in my sports car but I couldn’t go where they were going because the water was too deep. I tried to drive to the right…too deep and floody. I tried to drive where others sped, but it was too floody for my little sports car. I decided to go back to the road and get on the I-5 South highway. I barely was able to cross the street people were driving out of control. I came to a small shopping area and looked intently for the freeway signs. I had to get out and go through a store. When I came out of the store 4 women who said they were cops who clearly were not dressed as cops stopped me and demanding I pay them. I said when did Macys start charging people to leave their store? I tried to be nice as I was scared and opened my bags and I had delicious bbq’d ribs and gave them each one rib and three of them chowed down. The other wanted money, she was obese and was holding a large see through bag of money. She wanted my cash. I had always kept money stashed and was going to hand her my cash and I woke up.”
~Laura Keri