The featured image is a clip from the movie, The Passion of Christ.,  and this is one of my favorite scenes.. where Jesus , about to be roughly seized and taken into custody,  gently heals the ear of the high priest’s guard whom Peter had used his sword against.    The actor, Ben Caveziel, sincerely portrays the demeanor of Jesus- His gentleness and compassion even toward His enemies who hated Him.   Ben relayed in an interview how he had asked Jesus to guide him in how to portray Him appropriately, and he actually felt “a Presence” with him through all of the tapings.   This was the Holy Spirit, and you can see the evidence of the Holy Spirit through this actor .. all because He sincerely wanted to glorify Jesus and bring honor to Him in portraying Him.    Ben was open to “hear” the Holy Spirit’s leading in his job of portraying our Lord.

Jesus healed the temple guard’s ear before being seized and bound and roughly taken to the high priests.    He healed His ear and He also wants to heal our ears.. our spiritual ears, so that we may hear Him , discerning good from evil , love from lust,  and His voice from the voices of satan or self.