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I was thinking of Mary and Jesus– how heart wrenching it was for her to see her Son die so horribly and naked on the cross… stripped of any dignity as though He were an animal.. just as they killed all the lower life criminals of that time period.     The verse in the Psalms of David that cry out, “I am a worm and no longer a man” rang in my ears as I thought on this., because the way they hung Jesus and most of those being crucified were as though they were just slabs of naked meat.  .. no dignity whatsoever.   And Jesus was also being spat on , mocked and jeered at while this was happening to Him and while His mother and John watched in grief at the one Who loved them and Whom they loved die the undeserved death of the worst hardened criminals.

Just days before, Mary of Bethany broke an alabaster flask to anoint Jesus’s body ahead of His funeral.. knowing in her spirit that He would be going to Jerusalem to die not long from then.   When she broke that flask, the expensive fragrant spikenard oil filled the entire room with it’s aroma.  Days later, Jesus would become that Alabaster flask broken before men, only for the sweet fragrance of His love and inner beauty to fill the atmosphere and affect all those with hearts open to receive .    Even the Roman Centurian picked up on our Lord’s fragrance.   “Surely this man was just;  surely He was the son of God”, he said noticing that the more Jesus was being  maligned and shown contempt, the more love He expressed to others in spite of that He was being treated like despised vermin.  “Father, Forgive them” was what He cried out to the Father in love as the Centurian marvelled.  The more they broke Him, the more His fragrance filled the air.  Yes, Jesus was the Alabaster Flask , broken for us.