such a beautiful Word from Jesus to His Bride to Be


i found this letter and boy it has me smiling from ear to ear and has brought such love and joy to me,my aching heart mended,Jesus wrote this letter and what a sweet heart he is!!!!


To the One Whom I Love and Highly Favor,
I have long awaited coming to you.  Please forgive me for going away, but I
have gone to prepare a place for you, where we can dwell together forever.  I
have written to you many, many letters.  Have you read them?  Please, read I
will return soon, and when I come, the Heavenly Hosts will accompany me.  The
whole world will acknowledge me as King then, and I will rule the world
together with my Bride.  Wait for me to come for you, meditating always on my
love for you.
Prior to my arrival, things will get worse before they get better, but my word

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