the-well-of-sychar-2-GoodSalt-prcas1390Tired and Exhausted, He sat at the well while His disciples searched for food.


He walked the dusty rocky roads by foot .


Jesús en el desierto

His body  felt the aches,pains and stiff joints of continuous labor


The Father’s Bondslave, it was not beneath Him to wash His disciples’ feet.

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 He worked for His family at a young age.. doing much more taxing, laborious work after Joseph died to help support Mary and His younger  brothers and sisters.

His Labor of Love

On Friday I worked on my feet all day, rushing to get to work beforehand… but not in haste.  Just in a steady non-stop pace, staying an hour late to clean up after work.   When I got home, I knew I needed to cut the grass before it rained on the weekend., and do my laundry, for I would be working overtime that Saturday .  So with God’s help, I did that too, and finally got to wash myself around 8:30 pm.

Waking up at 5:20, to get ready for working overtime that Saturday, my entire body felt stiff and in pain.   Throughout the night, my hands tingled from carpal tunnel syndrome I use my hands a lot at my job.   All of these minor aches and pains caused me to reflect on Jesus’… what He endured on a daily basis throughout His life on this Earth as a carpenter, and supporter of Mary’s younger children after Joseph died.

He often stayed over-time at the carpenter’s shop to finish jobs that He would often not get paid for, due to many taking advantage of His kindness and gentle nature.   Also, many ungrateful customers who found fault in anything just so they wouldn’t have to pay, or who were critical no matter how good something turned out.  All of the heavy labor in hot days chopping down, and hauling tree logs for the wood needed took a toll on His joints.  I’m sure there were many rainy days where every joint in His body felt the pain as He knelt before the Father in prayer before the sun  rose.   Jesus had to meet constant deadlines as a carpenter.. especially after His earthly father, Joseph, died.  He never complained. He offered every inconvenience up to the Father in love.. for souls.    Every weary occasion, every trying circumstance He secretly and reverently offered to the Father  for mankind..    His mission as Redeemer began long before He died on the cross for us.

During His ministry, He didn’t ride from place to place on horseback. He didn’t own anything.. He walked by foot everywhere on long dusty, rocky roads.    When He was tired and ill, He still continued to work unless the Holy Spirit led Him to rest.  Once He was so exhausted that the disciples had to carry Him into their boat..  but even then, they woke Him up during the oncoming storm, and accusingly told Him, “Master, do you care not that we perish!?” when He slept through the thunder, waves and lightening.

Jesus was always on the move from town to town …never a place to lay His head, He often slept outside and with His faithful disciples nearby.

I asked our Lord if He would give me a comment on this.. on His life , a continuous labor of Love for the good of mankind, and the love of His Father.     Blindly opening to “He and I”, my eyes fell on the following:

“…Love is so simple.  Awake, asleep, it goes on and on, like your Loire (a river in France) that never stops flowing by day or night.  In Heaven you know, there is no pause, for love is pure activity.”

and He also had me open to this from page  208:    “Lend Me your hand to write.  Lend Me your voice to teach the little ones the living truth.  Lend Me your gestures to love them.  And to cheer your pastor in his duties, lend Me your kindness.  In t his way, through you, I shall be among them , among yours.  Your influence will be increased and you will think less of yourself.  “This is not the fruit of my own effort”, you will say.  “Jesus was there with me.”  Say it to yourself over and over again;  it will keep you humble.  And humility is truth.

Lend Me your body too, when you travel, when you toil, when you eat and when you sleep.  I did all these things when I lived among men.  Make Me live again among them; and they must be aware of Me… As for  you, don’t bargain with Me, but go joyously to your post when I call you.  Say to yourself, “He wants me there.” And with that, you remain courageous and at peace.  You remember what courage it took Me to fulfill My mission to the very end?”…