Last Thursday morning, I was thinking about Jesus when suddenly the Holy Spirit gave me this very strong impression of Jesus as Him being not only the Son of God and Divine and part of the Trinity, but I sensed His perfect humanity… This was all without words, and very hard to describe.. but I sensed Jesus’s character as totally pure human without any defilement or guile as the rest of us have… not even a drop of it.  I was so magnetized toward Him that I realized just why many of the disciples dropped everything to follow Him.

I then asked the Lord if He would give me something from “He and I” of His words to add to this revelation from the Holy Spirit.    Blindly, I opened to the following:

“Look at Me in My gospels.  There you will find My history, My life story.  You will follow Me.  You see Me comfort, heal, suffer, obey My Father for all of you.  There you see Me denying Myself, keeping silence and speaking;  seeking solitude, followed by the crowds; teaching, contradicted, full of courage in defending truth, in rebuking the mighty, in taking the part of the little ones. Full of compassion for the humble, the repentant, the oppressed.  Thinking only of My people- not of Me., for  you and against Myself… When I came from Heaven to earth, I might have asked Myself the same question if I had not come to suffer, to prove My love for you all along the path of My life… Longer than the road to Calvary.

    Who could have guessed at My ardor for My Father, the intensity of My love for you.  You of every age and race, right to the very end of time.  You have noticed how sometimes you get others to follow you without saying a word?   I wanted to leave all of you My example;  it said, “Follow Me, this will be your response in Love.”  Do you think there were many who heard and followed?   My sweat of blood in Gethsemane was for that.  For that the tears that disfigured My face so much that Peter James and John had difficulty recognizing Me.

    Oh My little flock of My most faithful friends, come to meet Me every day in a passage of the gospels.  Look for My heart there and give Me yours.”