This past Saturday morning, I was meditating on Jesus…. what Hell He went through ..especially during what we call His ‘Passion’,  yet in spite of the Hell, what love and majesty He expressed while undergoing the torment He did…   and  then what affliction He experienced throughout His earthly life, and how the cross He carried was not just the physical cross on His way to Golgotha., but His whole life was a Cross , yet He carried it joyfully , and with love for the Father and for mankind.

Opening to His words to Gabrielle Bossis that she recorded in the journal, “He and I”,  I came upon the following that gives hints of His life of the cross.       “Be one with Me as you suffer in your body, as though I had been mocked and scourged this morning.”

“Even before My crucifixion, in My journeyings, and My work, I suffered much physical fatigue.  Sometimes moral depression too, in the midst of so much human misunderstanding.  So weak and depressed, come close to Me as though you had chosen to be at the end of your resources just in order to reach Me…”

And then I opened to this!   “Do you remember the heat of the Sahara?  The desert burns less than I.  Can you understand My thirst for your awareness of Me, for your desire to be pleasing to Me, for your gratitude for My pitiable sufferings, your compassion for all the disgrace, the filth, the hatred I received during the night before My crucifixion and on the morning of My death?   And for the blows, and the torture of My body and mind.  Do you sometimes think of it?  Can you measure this love that made Me give Myself up when I could have escaped into the Invisible?  It was My love that went out to meet the torture.”

But through it all, He experienced a joy through His sufferings that goes beyond the level of joy we understand..   His joy was the joy of offering Himself to the Father in perfect obedience.   Every trial for Jesus was yet another opportunity He received to offer the Father a sacrifice of true unselfish love.    Many in Isreal quite frequently offered the Father animal sacrifices at the Temple but the  Sacrifice the Father was most pleased with was His Son’s sacrifice..      Jesus offered the sacrifice of Himself outside the Temple and outside Jerusalem’s gates.