Jesus going through Hell on the cross - Copy (2)

Jesus’ s Hell on the Cross

The above painting and description below is by Alexandra Kinast and was inspired by the Holy Spirit who gave her a “daydream” (vision) of Jesus Christ on the cross:

“Had an usual daydream about Jesus last night (will type  out later but feel nauseated and have a headache; I sort of wanted to sleep but couldn’t)  I tried to paint Him on the cross, but most of my paints were are the mural site and small brushes and the canvas wasn’t big enough.

… In the daydream I was trying to pull the huge spikes out of Jesus’ feet but couldn’t.  It was impossible; they wouldn’t budge.  Also the sky was a dark stormy purple and the land up there on the hill (Golgatha)  as dust and quartz rock.
His face was battered- so much blood… all over…and a massive head wound…
Here is the purple sky, but also his brilliance coming off him… the face should have more detail and I couldn’t put highlights with white in it because the white is at the mural site.”
~Shared by Alexandra Kinast