Want to share with everyone a visitation I had of Jesus Christ in the early 1990’s.. I posted this over at the Heart Dwelling With Jesus wordpress blog, but I also want to ‘reblog” it here as well.. since it has to do with our beautiful King in Exile.. Yes, He is Real.. and Alive and Well., and He definitely is Who He said He Is!

Heart Dwelling With Jesus

1Jesus  painting by Akiane

“….yes, our Father’s Son is truly the Catch of the eons! 🙂         I’ll never forget years ago having a visitation from Him..   I was not permitted to SEE Him, but I heard Him speak to me, and I felt His presence so strongly in my room.      My mother had asked me to pray for my sister and father as there was a fued going on between them that was threatening to break up our family.      I agonized in prayer over them one night, but started feeling stomach cramps from the frustration.   I stopped praying and began complaining to the Lord in prayer, ‘God, it’s NOT Fair that I’m even getting a stomach ulcer over those two!”   I complained.     Suddenly I felt His presence at the left foot of my bed from where I was laying..  (From where He was standing, it would be the right foot…

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