Below is an excerpt from a message Jesus gave a nun named, Sister Josefa Mendez in the last century..    a friend of mine sent me an excerpt she copied where Jesus shared with Sr. Josefa how His mother was with Jesus even in spirit , when He suffered such hate upon His scourging and execution..   To visualize this is very hard.. you just want to comfort our Lord for this memory He still has of what happened..  and how hard it was to see His mother suffer ..  ♥
JESUS:  “Angels of Heaven!  look on the God before whom you are ever prostrate in adoration . . . See the Creator of all the world’s wonders going to Calvary carrying that holy and blessed Cross on which He is to die.
Oh souls who desire to imitate Me faithfully, gaze on Me likewise:  wearily I dragged Myself forward, for My body was broken by many torments and bathed in sweat and blood.  I suffered, but there was none to compassionate Me.  The crowd  followed Me, the soldiers pitiless as ravening wolves surrounded Me, no one had pity on Me.  So great was My exhaustion and so heavy the Cross that I fell on the way. . . .See how roughly the inhuman soldiery raised Me to My feet once more . . . one seized an arm, another My garments which clung to My open Wounds . . . a third grasped hold of Me by the neck . . . and another by the hair.  Some showered blows on Me with their clenched fists and others brutally kicked My prostate body. . . . The Cross which fell upon Me crushed Me with its weight.  My face bruised and torn, mingled the blood which covered It with the dust of the highway, blinding My eyes and adhering to My sacred face.  I became the vilest and most contemptible of all creatures!
{ this is so tender and sorrowful! }
Come a little further with Me.  There you will see My blessed Mother, whose heart is pierced with grief.
Consider the martyrdom of these two Hearts.  What does this Mother love more than her Son? . . . And far from being able to help Him, she knows that the sight of her anguish increases His.
And I, what do I love more than My Mother? Not only can I offer her no comfort, but I know that the terrible plight in which she sees Me pierces her heart with a sorrow like My own; for if I suffer death in the body, she suffers death in her heart.
See those eyes fixed on Mine, as Mine dulled and blinded with blood are fixed on hers!   No word is spoken, but what a world of intercourse our two  hearts exchange in one heart-rendering glance. . . .”
Sr. Josefa:  There was silence . . . Jesus appeared absorbed by the memory of his Mother’s agonized look. . . .Josefa was penetrated by this long silence, which at last she broke timidly by asking Him if Our Lady knew of His sufferings during those dreaded hours?
“Yes,” He replied, “My Mother was present in spirit at all the torments of My Passion by divine revelation.  Some of the disciples, though afar off for fear of the Jews, also tried to find out what was going on in order to report it to her.  As soon as she know that My death sentence had been pronounced she came forth to meet Me and did not leave Me any more till I was Placed in the tomb.
“Meanwhile the procession advanced on the way to Calvary . . .
“Fearing that I might die before crucifixion, those wicked men inspired by hatred, not compassion, looked around for someone to help Me carry the Cross, and for that purpose, offering a small reward, seized on a man of that neighborhood called Simon. . . .
This is enough for today, Josefa Jesus told her.  We shall continue tomorrow. “
I will stop here as I just wanted to relate some of the Passion.  Of course in the book which is over 500 pages, the whole of His Passion is given as He Himself relates the full version for others to know through Sr. Josefa.