I added a really beautiful video below that was made by a fellow sister, and includes part of “The Visual Bible” :  The Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St. John” .     The excerpt of this movie that shows Jesus with such love, simplicity and reverence in the scenes where He is praying to the Father for the disciples, and other scenes that show Jesus in such an intimate way, are included in this video.  Watch these scenes prayerfully, and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you our Lord’s beauty that even the actor was not fully aware he was revealing while playing these parts.

This is how our Lord wants us to get to know Him..  in an intimate closeness. .  I’m not alluding to romanticism here, but to that close intimacy between God and His creature that He asks each of us to cultivate like a private garden in our hearts.   Every single person has something unique that others do  not share..  that puts a smile on God’s face, because He is aware of each of us even when others are not .

In reading a testimony from a person who had  a near death experience in the book, “Imagine Heaven” by Johne Burke,  I was very touched at what was shared ..   the person relayed how the first time he had heard our Lord’s voice after he died,  he noticed Jesus called him by the name only his close friends and family called him.   He asked the Lord, “why did you call me that?  that name is only used by my close friends and family.”   Jesus replied to him, “When I died for you on the cross, it was a most intimate thing”. 

Video made by  Angeliss 77 End Times Harvest Channel