This morning, I read the following insight  from Jesus from His words to Gabrielle Bossis, recorded in her journal, “He and I” which reveal a little of His daily life of self-denial for mankind.    Read this prayerfully.., it is so beautiful and bittersweet:

“…Look at Me in My gospels.  There you will find My history, My life-story.  You follow Me.  You see Me comfort, heal, suffer, obey My Father for all of you.  There you see Me denying Myself, keeping silence and speaking;  seeking solitude, followed by the crowds;  teaching, contradicted.  Full of courage in defending the truth, in rebuking the mighty, in taking the part of the little ones.  Filled with compassion for the humble, the repentant, the oppressed.  Thinking only of my people- not of Me; for you and against Myself.

…You remember the other day in Paris when you found yourself in a broadcasting studio filled with noisy, bold people, you thought, “What am I doing here?”   When I came from Heaven to Earth, I might have asked myself the same question if I had not come to suffer, to prove My love for you all along the path of My life…longer than the road to Calvary.

How could you ever count My sacrifices?  The stars witnessed My nightly prayers;  the cold My frozen limbs;  the earth, My broken feet.  Who could have guessed at My ardor for My Father;  the intensity of My love for you.  You of every age and race right to the very end of time….”