Well in this dream Jesus was at a party.   They were not living right and people were asking him to do things and he was he was helping them. He seemed to be serving but the people were not thankful to him.  Jesus became very sad and angry. I have never seen Jesus like this. I noticed in his hand he held a little golden cross. He was crying and he threw his cross up against the wall and stormed off down this hall. I woke up immediately. Jesus gave me a word for my dream.

“Krystal…What I showed you is how I feel. I love my precious Bride and I will do anything for her. Those that laugh at me and continue on in sin despite my many warnings and pleas have wearied me with their perverse ways. I help them but they laugh..sneer and continue to do their own will. I threw my cross as a sign of my anger…I will withdraw from those who reject is written. . I will not strive with a man forever. Truly I tell you never has a generation such as this provoked my wrath. I truly find great comfort in my Bride at this time. I hold and comfort her…uphold her as she does me. She longs for my return and is watching..alert .awake..ready.

There truly is no time remaining. The hour is at hand for the wedding banquet. I have prepared a place for my Bride unlike anything seen by man. The wedding feast is indescribable and the gifts I have are from me personally and I so long to present them to my children. The mansions I have prepared are absolutely breath taking. I AM truly coming. I can no longer tolerate the defiance from man and I will NOT be mocked. I love man so much I poured all my blood out for them on my cross at Calvary . How few receive this gift of salvation I so freely gave when I gave up my life. I knew this in Gethsemane and it caused me to wail loudly and utter many moans to my Father.

I was so sad that despite my great sacrifice so many would still pursue the world and all its false promises. I AM sad and angry as I look upon earth at this hour. I AM sad for those who do not know me and I will shake all of heaven and earth to wake them from their slumber. To those who love me and cling to me they bring me so much comfort and solace in this hour. My great desire is for man to know the real me and not who I have been made out to be..or thought to be. I AM fully God and fully man. I have all the same feelings as any man and despite my divinity I am disgusted and appalled by that which I see. I still shed tears for what is before me. I hear the cries of the hurting…the trodden down..the weary..those who feel forgotten and unloved by this cold world. I AM ever so near to them and I uplift them in my arms and hold them close to my close they feel my heart beats and its soothing rhythm. I too know the pain all to well of rejection and scorn. I came down from heaven and my own received me not. There are things that I have not revealed to man about me. For this was reserved for a later time and that time is upon man.

I AM close to the broken..the hurting and the weary..the lowly for that is where I see and find myself. My creation is based on love and family. A man..a woman..husband..wife..and children. Family is my greatest gift to man next to life itself. For in family love was intended. The world is in enmity with me. Filled with many distractions and false glory. The enemy desires fame. Power..glory…high positions of seen today was seen before. The pharisees and scribes of my time also desired high positions..I warned my children of this. They wear long and flowing robes…speak of God with their lips but their heart is far from me. There is a way that seems right to man..but in the end it leads to destruction and death. Narrow is the path to eternal life and few find it. Many today are on the broad path. They chase after this world..which is undone and my Father has declared its end. The new beginning is upon man..a glorious one at that. America grieves me so. I can not bless sin. This nation has passed abominable laws against me. The nation as a whole with exception of my own have followed pursuit. There is discipline and punishment for mockery of God. I cry to the whole earth to repent. America is in a state of darkness as is the whole earth. From one corner to the next it openly defies me. I can not tolerate this much longer. I need all eyes fixed on me…and off this world. I AM soon to come to establish my kingdom and My will be done alone. I desire all men to repent and none to perish. I plead with man continually.

My sheep hear my voice and they follow me. I give them eternal life. I hold them in the palm of my hand and no man can snatch them. The hour is very late oh earth hear me this moment. I have truly entered the door I tell you. All is about to change in the twinkling of an eye. I AM to pass final judgement on man. Please mankind I King of Kings and Lord of Lords..Jesus..Yeshua..Christ.. beg you. Yes plead with you to repent and chose life. I AM the way..the truth…the life..No man comes to the Father but through me..The Father and I are One. To see me is to see the Father.

My Bride look up for your redemption draws nigh. Come away with me won’t you..I love you…I will not disappoint you..I will reveal to all My new name I will be your God and you will be my people.Amen .. All my love…”
Jesus Christ

Shared by Krystal Bealle… given to her from our Lord while she was in prayer after her dream.