Heart Dwelling With Jesus


This likeness of Jesus is how I imagined His expression (not batting an eyelash) when looking directly at the accuser questioning Him in the testimony below:

About a year and a half ago, I had a dream that had our Lord in it.. only this dream was completely dark..   and I saw nothing.     I only heard the Lord reply to someone in this dream , but yet even though I saw nothing,  this particular dream had a very deep affect in my heart.

In this dream, everything was totally dark.. I saw nothing as though I was blind.     Then I heard someone scream these words in disbelief.. I can almost imagine them rolling their eyes when saying it, “She’s nothing,…. NOTTTHINNG!!”        Like who he was referring to is a completely useless moron.          THEN I heard Jesus’s calm , peaceful voice in reply.. (and I KNEW it was Him, because somehow I…

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