The following message is a message my friend, Krystal Bealle received from our Lord., and she shared it with me.   I feel led to share it below:

“Please stay with me. My heart is so heavy and torn within me. Despite my Divinity..I AM exhausted and racked with grief. I weep…Oh how I weep. I reveal this at times to my children..All of heaven hears me weep and my groans resound the earth. I AM so worn out beloved…My own have turned from me.

I have extended my mercy for a long time now and have been more than long suffering with man. All things are coming to pass and things are rapidly unfolding. The earth has become a barren desert but I shall irrigate it myself. I AM pouring out MY Holy spirit as never before and pleading with my lost children to come to wrath can not be held back much longer. I have and so have my faithful followers been treated brutally..harshly…cruelly.. Vengeance is MINE I will repay.. Your Jesus is just venting my sadness..anger and frustration at this time. I love to talk I can go on and on…Endless..Eternal words.  Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words will never pass away. I love my Bride..She is so precious to me and I long to be with her so much so. I long to come as much as my Bride longs for me to.  I AM fed up with mans disobedience and dismissal of me. The ones who chose satan and his lies..his darkness..his false glory..hurt me so much. I weep tears of blood still for them. I truly AM fed up with all that I see before me. Sad does not do me justice.

My anger burns hot and my messengers are laughed off..mocked. I- God will not be mocked…what a man sows He reaps. So many of my children don’t believe in me…ignore me…taste of me and then back into the world they go. One foot in my in the world…I will vomit the lukewarm out as is written. I AM a jealous God. Repent…NOW…I AM sad at the condition of my lost..backslidden and disobedient children..
I love you..

Love…Hugs..Prayers….Krystal…This is a picture of Jesus I drew