This past Wednesday I had an experience with Jesus..  an unseen invisible experience but very real nonetheless.      Every time I go anywhere.. including church, I ask Jesus to be with me.. to sit next to me.    I know it is a presumptuous request, because in  many cases, there are people around me who are genuinely humble saints, so why would He choose to be around me?   (not trying to sound humble, but there are times I truly havnt exactly obeyed Him and have no right calling Him “Lord” .  He’s working on me though)     Nevertheless, I believe our Lord can be with each of us all at the same matter how unsaintly we are compared with others..   He only cares that we desire to be near Him.

Well this past Wednesday evening I asked Jesus to be with me throughout the service, and I like to think He was..but of course, I don’t truly believe He always chooses to just because I ask Him to.       After the service had ended,   I found myself being the last in line to greet my pastor before leaving the church building.    Strangely I felt a distinct presence of others behind me..   and especially Jesus.    This sense was so strong that I told my pastor that I couldn’t help sense this..  that He was truly THERE.. last in line behind me.     “It would be just like Him”… I said,  “humble in nature, even though He is the King of All Kings in all Universes and the Father’s Son!     “Praise Jesus!” My pastor said.. meaning it and even looking behind me expecting that he might see a glimpse of Jesus in the supernatural..       But we both knew that Jesus was there., and He is everywhere He is sincerely invited..

This incident brought to my recollection when Jesus stood in line to be baptized by John the Baptist.   He patiently waited His turn.. regardless of Who He Is.     “I have need to be baptized by YOU.. and yet You come to ME?!”   John said..    and Jesus quietly replied,  ‘suffer it to be so now, to fulfill all righteousness”.    This is just like our Lord and King in Exile..     Last in Line,  or amongst others in line waiting His turn..    even though by rights He could butt in line if He wanted to.         I just cant get over what a beautiful Man..the Son of God.. Jesus Christ, (Yashuah Hamaschiach in Hebrew) is ♥