(photo from the movie, The Passion of Christ, by Mel Gibson)

Pilate’s wife received a disturbing dream one night.. one that convicted her to her core and kept her awake.     Scholars say Pilate’s wife’s name was Claudia.  Being a wife of a Roman officer, she lived a somewhat posh, affluent  lifestyle even though her husband was stationed outside of Rome.   She was familiar with the hypocrisy, extravagance and corruption of Roman politics , and all the Roman’s pagan gods and goddesses in their search for truth.

Her lifestyle is much like Western culture is today, with it’s seculiar affluence, trillians of idols and philosophies and the dependence of the religious leaders on it’s seculiar political and economic “powers that be”.   When Jesus was brought before Pilate, he asked Jesus, ‘.. and what IS Truth?”   Because Pilate didn’t truly know at this point what real truth was any longer, being accustomed to not only the deceptions of his own Country,  but also the hypocrisy of the Jewish religious World that was so diligent with form and display, but lacked any real substance within.      He Who stood before Pilate IS Truth.. the living expression of Truth,  and Pilate’s wife also was confronted with this same Truth in a dream that kept her awake.

The scriptures don’t describe the details of Claudia’s dream, but it was enough to convict her , trouble and awaken her.   In her dream, she met Truth..  in the form of Jesus.  No doubt, she observed His demeanor .. His peace, gentleness and a beautiful simple inner Majesty emanating from within a Man who looked anything like a king..   Who was garbed in a threadbare homespun garment and peasant’s sandles being shoved around, beaten, attacked by His own people with no justification.. and that her husband would be caught in the middle of it all.    Something about this Man she beheld in her dream made her realize He was not an ordinary Man..   He was a “just man”,  with  an inner beauty about Him she had never seen in others..   He must be a son of some god.. The Son OF God, (yet she didn’t know THAT God yet)

She beheld Truth in a Person that night, and He left an impression in her conscience.    “ Have nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him.”,  she told her husband when he was sitting on the judgement seat.(Matthew 27:19).   In Claudia’s dream a Worldly Roman woman met a humble poor peasant teacher who exuded truth, genuine peace, humility with a royalty so Divine and not of this World.     

Rome and Religion met that night with no mixture or compromise.  The sword of the Holy Spirit was drawn on her, and she saw Truth for Who He is.     The Very Truth that eluded her husband.

In prayer I asked our Lord if He might have me open up to something from His recorded words from “He and I” from Gabrielle Bossis regarding this article., and opening blindly, He gave me the following reply:   “Seek Truth with all your heart”..