“You too come away with me..not only come away but come up hither…What balm you are my Bride to my very mournful heart..How many thorns you remove from it..My precious ones you are in Me..I in you.  We are wed and one.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  Try as they may to come at you with their devouring appetites they shall stumble and walk away famished for you are Mine and they come at Me when they come at you.

Its dangerous to come against My children;  do they not know they will be utterly shamed…and defeated? Worry not My beloveds..worry not.  Beloveds,  see me in Gethsemane as I am still relieving my agony from that hour -only worse..My sweat is as drops of blood and I am anticipating my crown of thorns.  My breathing is labored and heavy..my heart beats violently against my chest..My friends sleep..Not only Peter..James..John but the world is asleep at this hour.  I shake the earth as one shakes a sleeping friend to awaken them.  My children adjust their sleeping positions and turn over.

I have repeated myself numerous times with my prophets..I AM tired of man’s dismissal and deaf ear to me and My annointed..my children who have awaken and answered my call..accepted my invitation to my Wedding banquet.  I mourn tremendously for this generation. I long for my children with such intensity it shakes me…my lips quiver with emotion and I cry…I long to hold you in My arms..dance with you and thank you for loving me and warning your rebellious siblings.

I can not wait any longer to crown your heads with my crown of righteousness and eternal life…Thus you already wear but to present to you what I have prepared just for you.  You have seen me in Gethsemane where the soil drank my blood and tears and the twisted olive trees heard and felt my deep moans of agony.  The air was filled with my anxiety and loneliness and all of heaven and earth my love.  I knew then my cross would be in vain for many and Judas’s kiss was the first of many I would receive.  As Judas kissed my cheek he tasted my tears mingled with my sweaty blood on his lips.  He tasted his Lords and friends tears and blood and that moment his heart was pierced with a sword of remorse and fear.  As they vioently dragged me away my blood and tears lingered on his lips as he watched in deep regret and sorrow that he had lifted his heel against me -his Lord and friend.  My tears spoke a million words to his soul…My bloody  water of life resurrected his death in that garden. A foretelling of my cross.

What a moment that was..Through the harsh blows my face received I could still feel his kiss.  I could still point to the exact place where he kissed me with dead lips hours later as I waited alone in my small holding cell.  I wept at the very thought even more.  Now this generation has lips far more deadly than Judas…For Judas heart was remorseful and great sorrow swallowed him.  He wept bitterly for selling my life and felt death was his just punishment on himself.  Never did he prosper on earth from his act of betrayal..But with deep pain he opened his own grave and lept in.  I tell man the truth.  I have forgiven Judas and he will dine with me in my Fathers house..

Sound the shofar..Keep speaking my warnings my loves..alas..I come as a thief in the night to whisk my Bride away;  Mockers will be silenced and the unrepentant swept away. To those I extend mercy to I will and all the prayers from souls for their lost and unsaved loved ones I have heard and answered.  The hour is not late it has passed; A new door I have opened myself, a new era has dawned.  What once was will be no more but  a new thing has arisen.  Lives refined-purified by my fire.  Souls washed in my blood, refreshed by my tears as Judas.  Come arise and enter in.  The King of Glory has stepped in..reached down and lifted up his own…

My love for now and evermore…Jesus”

Shared by friend, Krystal Bealle,  (who receives messages and dreams from Jesus through the Holy Spirit)