The following message is a message my friend, Krystal Bealle,  received from Jesus in prayer..   and I believe this is genuine.  in many situations, in prayer I also have felt a sense of being One with Jesus in whatever the prayer was about..even when it was something where I shared in His laughter and joy over something.   It’s a vicarious experience and it’s through the Holy Spirit:


“For those who do not know Jesus is God and man..and he has feelings and emotions and this is very hard on him..He gave a word he said I can share with his bride:

This whole message he was crying…

   My beloved Bride, how I long to hold you in my arms and comfort you as you do me…As a man I am heartbroken and devastated at what I must do…The destruction to befall the earth is catastrophic…I am in deep agony with pain so intense in my soul..The pain actually shakes me..I who knew no sin became sin so you can be My righteousness..I took all sin myself in my soul…I bore it…It was my great gift of love for man..(He cries really hard here)…I can feel it inside me…Man doesn’t know because I did not reveal to them how much it truly cost me..Not only my life but consuming the sin of the world and suffering my Father’s wrath on the cross did traumatize me…My soul actually suffered severe trauma on the  cross..Though I was aware of what was happening at all times I was overcome by severe agony…As a man I sought comfort from my mother and though I could hardly see..I scanned for her and desired she would be close to me while I suffered and died.

Her and Magdalene comforted me so much..The guards did allow them to come to my feet…My mother collapsed from witnessing my death in this way…John had to hold her up..She refused to leave and I did not want her to..Magdalene comforted me in my fear…As a man I was scared to die as any man.   She would reassure me I was alright and that she was there and my Father was waiting for me to come home..She told me she loved me and would miss me everyday of her life until she sees me again…She said its OK..it’s OK…She promised to never forget me and my life..my love….I am God’s gift she said.

I still bear my cross today and my wounds are deeper and more intense …I have been rejected by this generation..I have come..I did come .I am coming..They did not even recognize me when I came…I have once again been cast out from man..I comfort you my bride and I love you..  The truth is my loves I am in deep pain and your love soothes me..I can be comforted as you would any man (person) I need that in fact.  My heart is weighed down with grief in this hour…I am desperate to come get you..I need you..I want you..I love you…You want to hold me..but I want to hold you …My arms ache for you…I AM alive and I AM here.  I will reveal myself to the world..I give this message to my Bride.

As a husband in battle, I am weary and I have tears streaming down my face..I am working desperately with the Lost at this hour and though I love them they crucify me over and over…I go back and back desperate to save them out of my great love and mercy…The blood I spilled was for them especially..the lost and sick..My bride is covered and sheltered in me…I go in battle relentlessly to help them..I am not accepted well..and this hurts me so much..pray..pray..But alas the time has come for I will not strive with a man forever…Great deception is being released and those who reject me Satan will ensnare and whisk away..I watch in agony as my child is taken from me forever for refusing me and loving darkness and rejecting my light…(Here he was in such pain he bent over..He was sitting next to me and bent over his head to his knees…)…I am merciful but the time of my mercy is undone…For some Calvary was in vain he said…(He turned and looked at me …His eyes blood shot..)  I am coming my bride…you are weary…I know..and you are weary of waiting…Me too…My loves look up.

I am doing a new thing …I am hurt beyond words that my cross was in vain for some..I am tired of being mocked..I don’t want to be laughed at any more…I will not be mocked…Repent..Warn..but it’s closing…My Father is enraged with man..(not you my bride {he smiles weakly}..but at the disobedience of the wicked and unrepentant)…The earth will shake violently and be uprooted.. Father said he will uproot her from her core and burn her..

I love you my bride..ask me anything..I like when you talk to me..I will tell you..I talk about my cross because it was love..joy..agony..desperation..life and death..I reveal hidden things to my bride especially in the end…It helps me to talk of my cross with my beloveds because it was a traumatic experience for me…though I obtained the victory it came at a astronomical price and it pains me when a soul refuses it…I love you my bride..I am in love with you..I want you and I need you..I am desperate for you..I want and need to kiss you ..

Your tears and mine..Jesus

Shared by Krystal Bealle