Last night I was focusing on Jesus’s emotional suffering while dying on the cross.. suffering in His heart and soul over the fact that His mother , Mary , John -His close disciple, and Mary Magdalene who was a comfort to Him were there watching Him, naked and in physical agony dying atrocious pain on the cross.  He did not want them to see Him suffer because He knew it was painful for them… and He desired that they would be spared having to see Him in such agony.  He wanted to comfort them, yet He knew that this was the Cup the Father desired of Him, and He knew that THEY knew that as well..  As the Son of Man, it was a keen suffering for Him- this awareness that they were seeing all that He had to endure..  all the mockery, all the hate thrown at Him by others, .. and how they were treating Him as though He were  auctioned off livestock being brought to the slaughter..  as though He were not even a Man,.. certainly not the Son of God, but not even human- but as a slab of meat impaled on a rough hewn “tree”.   He- Who showed utmost mercy for the worst sinner was shown NO mercy by those Whom He delivered Himself to to die at their hands.  If there ever was a prime Example of Complete Historical Injustice, it was how Jesus was treated so unfairly..    He Who always opened His heart to all, even the lepers and harlots amongst mankind often had the door shut in His face.   As an unborn baby about to be born,  His own mother, Mary experienced this as well, as there was no room for them to be received at the Inn.

I asked our Lord if He would give me His reply on this from His words recorded to Gabrielle Bossis in the journal, “He and I”.     And I blindly opened to the following:

“…. I faithfully accompany My faithful ones and give strength and comfort to those who want so much to suffer for Me.  What they endure for Me I endured before them, for I have suffered all things in the sufferings of My friends.  Don’t you suffer when you see someone you love suffer?  Am I not the most tender of friends?  Oh believe Me for this is a reality and it will encourage you to love Me more….”