Early this morning before awaking, I heard our Lord speak deep within my heart.    I know it was Him because even though He was using my own thoughts, the words spoken were being spoken TO me, and not my own mind thinking them up.

He even caught me off guard, as I usually don’t hear Him speak more than one or two words on certain occasions. My mind is always so active that I often hear only my own thoughts, and am not internally quiet enough to hear Him alone.

Well this morning, He spoke the following message to me:   “Rise above these earthly matters and concerns.  Rise above–  Love!”    

I laid there thinking on what I heard Him say, and then wondered if He was referring to all the many worries and concerns I have over things to happen in my future..  financial concerns I have.,  health concerns, etc.    Or was He also referring to some things I had been focused on lately that , while innocent , were getting in the way of my intimacy with Him.   Then I heard His voice again say, “Lay aside these earthly wonders”.   I heard Him also say something about His feet, but I failed to remember what He had said, so I asked Him.. “Lord, what about your feet again?”   and I then heard Him say, “Rest there” (at His feet)

Pondering on that a bit, my attention deficit mind of mine drifted off to thoughts of some pretty hairbands that I had recently purchased in colors that I like, and I heard Him say with more emphasis, ‘Rise!” and while He repeated that, I felt a rush of love and attraction towards Him, and asked Him for grace to be under His total discipline and control.. even with my thoughts.    Then I heard in my heart Him say simply “diamond“. and I knew that He spoke that word knowing that I would know He wants to perfect me.. to make me from a rough rock into a diamond.   But I need to be pliable in His hands.  I felt His grace to drop all earthly attachments, concerns, worries and just focus on Him alone Who knows of every hair that falls from our heads, and knows our every genuine need.

I drifted back to sleep (this was around 5:00 am)   and waking back up again, I heard our Lord again say to me, “Have Your way with Me, this Day”    and I knew this is what He wanted me to pray.. that He would have His way with Me, and when He said, “this Day”, He meant not only “day” as in this day (Sunday) but also the “day” of my life that He has allotted me.

I told Him after I recorded all I heard from Him down in my journal, ‘Thanks for speaking to Me, My God”  and I then heard Him reply to me, “I am forever speaking to you, My child.”    Later after I was in the car heading to church, I caught sight of a lone pink heart shaped balloon someone had tied to the traffic sign, and I knew in my heart that was God speaking to me again..  Saying “I love you”  through that heart balloon.

In church today, our topic was on receiving and appropriating grace to obey our Lord when He calls us out of a condition of the soul.. how He extends grace to us to be delivered from our sins , iniquities, and aspects of our self-life and human nature, but it is up to us to appropriate that grace He extends to us… not just to listen to His voice, but also to HEED and obey His voice.      I was so encouraged at the confirmation He gave in that sermon.