Throughout History there has never been someone , as Jesus, who was so unjustly persecuted and eventually cruelly executed Who had no guile or iniquity within Him..    His genuine compassion and great heart was evident to all who saw Him..   especially His gentleness and compassion towards the unloveable.. the leper.     Of all mankind, Jesus alone expressed only the Father’s pure love with His hands.,  With those precious feet, He walked wherever the Father led Him.. including up the stony hill of Golgatha carrying His cross.     with His heart, He loved the most unloveable person and on the cross, interceded for those who spat in His face.  Throughout His ministry, Jesus experienced fatigue, tired feet and joints, and exposure to the elements on the open roads yet He never complained.. He offered up all to the Father as a prayer for others.    Later thick iron nails would be hammered into those tired feet , and hands onto the cross where He would die, before they would pierce His heart of love with a spear.

The unfairness of what Jesus endured is so evident..     They set a hardened prisoner named Barabbas free so that they could crucify Jesus- Who did nothing to deserve any punishment – especially not crucifixion..one of the worst capital punishments of that time.   Like  a lamb whom before it’s shearers is dumb,   Jesus was quiet before His accusers.  He would not defend Himself of the false accusations.  He Could have.. He definitely knew exactly what things to say to shut all of their mouths., but out of love, He would not.

The hands represent our service to God.,   the feet represent our Walk with God, and our heart represents our heart toward God.. our very spirit and being united with His.      Throughout Jesus’s entire earthly life, (and before the Foundation of the Earth as well) Jesus, out of supreme love to the Father, had already surrendered His hands,  his feet and his very Being to the Father in love..     His service, walk and heart are One with the Father and thus, satan made sure that when Jesus was executed physically,  his hands and feet   would be cruelly hammered onto wood.    His pierced heart was not just after his death by the Roman’s spear, for His wounded side covered His already wounded heart

After Jesus resurrected, He asked Peter three times, “Peter, do you love Me?.       After He asked Peter this,  He told Peter, “When you are old, you will extend your hands and Another will gird you and lead you where you would not naturally wish to go”.      Jesus was referring not merely to when Peter was physically aged,  but when Peter would mature spiritually.    When that period would come in Peter’s spiritual walk , he would also submit willingly to the Holy Spirit as Jesus, and allow Him to lead him in all things where HE desired for Peter.. not what Peter on his own would choose.

That would be when Peter would love Jesus with a much higher degree of love he had never loved Him before, and our Lord had already set the example of the Highest degree of love for the Father, as before the very foundation of the Earth, He had already extended His hands, His feet and His heart and with love to the Father, said, “Father, I will go”.