Jesus is not like other men or women… As the Son of Man, He does not call attention to Himself.   If the angels Isaiah saw near the Father’s Throne covered themselves with their wings, how much more was Jesus modest.. so that attention would go to the Father alone. (Isaiah 6: 1-3)

His “hidden years” in Nazareth remain hidden and basically went unnoticed by others .. in fact, His fellow Nazarenes assumed He was just another neighbor- the village carpenter’s son.   Yes, He seemed quieter, more kinder,  more at peace than most, with a joyful sense of humor, and never a curse word escaped His mouth.  He never got drunk and He obeyed the laws of Moses.    They assumed, He was just a rare soul lost amidst the crowds of Nazareth.. Someone who never gave anyone any trouble, was quiet and a wonderful help to His mother after Joseph died.

When our Lord toiled in the heat cutting wood and constructing masonry blocks to construct doorways and windows and ceiling beams for homes, He remained modest even physically..    He didn’t take off His tunic to expose His body as most men would do in the heat while working.   No doubt, He wore a thinner cloth covering for working which needed to be washed afterwards, but His modesty came from within .. His purity was expressed even by His demeanor and outward actions of what He did and didn’t choose to do.

Many who have seen Jesus in near death experiences say that He is tall, and built like a regular young man..   not “effeminate” as some paintings depict.    Nevertheless, He retained modesty before others so as not to call attention to Himself- as the angels in Heaven before the Father’s Throne.   Many of His peers may have found Him odd because of His purity.  After all, He grew up in Nazareth, where the people did not exactly have a holy reputation.  No doubt, He may have had some men assist Him in His father’s carpentry work, and as most working class men do, they may have tried to impress an attractive single woman nearby fetching water from a well, or going about her chores nearby.    Some comments would no doubt have been made, and I can imagine the other men testing young Jesus with words like, “so what do you think of that one!  she’d make a nice wife! “.   I can imagine Jesus looking up from His work at those who commented, and with gentleness in His voice and purity in His eyes, reply with  all sincerety: “she has a good heart”, then continue on with His work with His coworkers shaking their heads at Him.

I asked our Lord if He would allow me to open blindly to something of His words recorded in “He and I” regarding this meditation of His modesty., and opening the pages of that journal,  my eyes fell on His words:    “I Am the Friend who does good in the home, and who sometimes slips away before being recognized and thanked..”