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I put the picture (above) on in full stance – and was contemplating..”what” could He be thinking?  And then this…what is in my heart…as if He was (and is) speaking as I look at this picture…to His Father in Heaven, while being on earth? Or even now.  Here goes:


Jesus to His Father:   “What more can I do Father? I have given My very life’s Blood for them to pay the price of their Redemption…
Why can’t souls see how much I love them!  What more could I do, yet I would die again for each one if that is what it would take to save them! How can they ever understand such love….A love they too, must immolate and imitate to be My followers.  Ready to give their very life for their brothers.  To love as I have loved –  and do love still.


How I still pray for each soul to come into Your Kingdom of peace, love and joy – to spend an eternity in Your Embrace.  To truly know the love of a True Father!  How much I love You, Father, and will do anything for Your Honor and Glory.  To give You souls.


They don’t listen!  They go on their way in blindness – the blindness the enemy of their salvation gives to them in lies and deception, in offering silver and gold and all that sparkles to entice them.  I speak to them in visions, visiting them in their very rooms, dreams and even trials to bring them to their senses!  I send others to witness to them in hopes a spark can be re-lit and bring them back to Me.  So many once believed and loved me as their First Love, and were so on fire for Me – but over time, this dimmed and the allurements of the world choked them –
Still I was always there, ready to forgive and strengthen, to show unfathomable mercy in their regards.  Oh souls, you do not know My love and how I forgive, how merciful is Your Savior who died such a horrendous and terrible death to free you from the slavery of your worst enemy of your souls!  Could you not say ‘Thank You’, even?


How I long for you to return!  Only I can give you true life and joy.
And I will pursue and pursue till your dying breath and last heart beat, to win you over to My Love.  I will never stop.  I am the great pursuer of souls to bring them to repentance and free them from the enemy who only wants to kill and destroy and give them an eternity of untold suffering!


I am here my children!  Speak to Me!  Trust in Me.  I call you always.  I will never relent in speaking your name..listen to Me when I call you.  Listen!  I will never stop.  I love you that much.  Only look at the Cross – and you can understand such a love that never gives up calling the beloved!  { I can hardly  type Lisa, I am crying }


He is saying enough for now, beloved.  Souls have to know my endless mercy in their regards and how much I love and forgive.  To never doubt or fear.  As I said in He and i  – “Don’t wait to be please with yourself..just as you are..come! In your greatest shortcomings, throw yourself into My arms..I came to heal and restore.  Never doubt, Oh never doubt! ”  Come to the One who loves you most.  Let Me take you to My Father – Your Father who loves you with a boundless Love! ”
Your Jesus

Shared by Patricia Owens