I’m an ordinary woman to Whom Jesus Christ has done extra-ordinary things.     When reading various incidents from the scriptures, you will notice that those who were the Least deserving received the  most generous of blessings by God..   indicating His generous , gracious and totally forgiving personality in trying to reach out to the farthest from Him.    Jesus was even like this with Judas- knowing that Judas was intent on betraying Him, yet He extended the most sincere love and honor toward Judas.   This is how I am-   so if there is hope for someone like me to fall in love with Jesus Christ, there is also  hope for you too- because He is Mighty and Able to save us-  if we want Him to.   I could have made the mistake Judas had and hung myself too.  I am no better than Judas.  Thankfully, God opened my heart enough to choose to confess and repent- extend up my hand to Him in desperation , and receive Jesus into my heart as He pulled me out from my pit.

Salvation/Redemption is an ongoing process- There is that first initial experience where we meet Jesus for the first time and experience His cleansing Blood within us- delivering us from our gross sins. – but throughout our lives afterwards,  The Holy Spirit continues to reveal us to ourselves and we see that there is more Redemption work He must do within us– that we had no idea before.    Salvation from our self-life is more than just salvation from obvious sins —  Many religious people have yet to die from their self.     We all have subtle strongholds within us the Holy Spirit continues to tackle so we must remain open to Him all of our lives and allow Him to continue His transformation process within our heart, soul and mind.