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In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus asked His three closest disciples if they would watch and pray with Him as He knelt some yards away.  His sweat was as drops of blood, so intense was the spiritual attack against Him by Satan and his demonic agents of darkness.  If Evil could have permission to kill Him there and then in that garden, they would have, so that Jesus.. whose face was set toward Jerusalem where they killed and stone the prophets, would not be able to fulfill His Father’s perfect will for mankind’s salvation.

Satan visited Jesus many many times with various traps, temptations and provocations, so that He would not be that spotless Lamb… so that He would somehow be corrupted in His purity and not be suitable as the Lamb of Sacrifice for mankind.   All temptations failed against Jesus… who ever emptied Himself of all selfishness and ego, so satan could never find anything to trip Him up with or make Him fall.  He already emptied Himself of all self, and made Himself lower than any man, so He couldn’t fall.. He was already at ground level and placed Himself last place in all things.   Satan knew His ministry was coming to a close, and He would be offering Himself according to the Father’s will.,  so he saved his worst , more vehement temptations and attacks against Jesus strategically at the end.. starting in Gethsemane, and culminating right up to Jesus’s death on the cross.

Jesus desired that His closest disciples would pray with Him.,.. would give Him some comfort and spiritual support by praying with Him to the Father, because He knew it was a real possibility that He might even die in that Garden..  Satan was throwing everything against Him.    Instead of praying or watching with Him, they fell asleep, leaving Jesus alone against satan, pleading before the Father for the strength to carry on His mission .. yet nevertheless, not HIS will…  not HIS desires, but whatever change in plan the Father might have.. He wanted only to do what pleased the Father.

Centuries earlier, another son of David.., king Solomon, penned the Song of Solomon, and wrote about the Shulamite woman who could not get out of bed when her Beloved knocked for her to let him in.   His hair was “wet with the dew of the night”., as though he had just been through a great battle with the enemy, and was seeking consolation and intimacy with his fiance’…his bride-to-be.   What a chance she missed to embrace her Beloved and wipe the blood an sweat off of his brow.  To be his “Veronica”, for him, and wipe the dew off affliction off of His face.  What a chance the disciples missed in comforting the One they loved and left everything behind to follow.

In the journal, “He and I”, Gabrielle records “I was watching Him weep in the Garden of Gethsemane and I asked Him to let His tears fall into my heart.”

She then records Jesus’s response to her:   “Yes, there were moments when I saw the comfort that My soul friends would give Me all down the ages.  I saw their great desire to suffer in My place, and I sent flowing to them the merits of My fearful agony, for I saw the first man  and all the others, right to the very last.  What a burden, My child for one who atones!”…..

“…. Come and watch Me suffer in the garden, just as though it were that very night.  It is always that very night, for God sees all time at a glance.  Don’t leave Me!  I’m like a terrified child who begs not to be left alone.  Stay there, let Me know that you’re with Me.  A presence is soothing.  Hold My hand.  I am only a poor Man full of distress even though I Am God.  Noone will ever understand the depths of My desolation.  I feel the need of being surrounded by all My dear ones, for I see the powers of evil let loose and I am alone to defend Myself.  Pray with Me.  Do you have a firmer belief in My love now that you see Me suffer so?”

note:  photograph from a movie still of the movie, “The Passion of Christ”




A King’s Ransom


via A King’s Ransom

The Lonely Stranger


actual alleged photos taken by accident prior to a revival meeting being held at a large American city.  These were on David E. Taylor’s ministry website.. the woman who took them couldn’t wait to submit them to him.  She had been led to get out her cellphone and snap away at random in various areas as led by the Holy Spirit.  I believe they are genuine, and Jesus was “prayer walking” throughout the city the night before David E. Taylor’s prayer revival.

“When a lonely stranger travels through a distant country, he sometimes finds it painful not to see any affectionate recognition anywhere but to go on His way as one among the dead.  I am this stranger when no rememberance of Me passes across your souls, when they are sealed and lifeless.  But I call you by events;  by some circumstances.  “That’s chance”, they say.  Who will say, “It is He.”

His Wounded Hands


This morning I was thinking about Jesus’s wounded hands..   If ever a person should have had the utmost care given their hands, it is Jesus.. because He had done nothing but good, and expressed nothing but love with those hands of His.   He touched a leper as He healed him.. (and it wasn’t necessary for Him to touch that leper for him to be healed.. His heart was stirred with compassion for the leper); He pulled people out of their deathbeds with those hands.  With His hands, He worked with wood to support Mary and her other children after Joseph died. As a servant, He washed the disciples dirty feet with His hands. He picked up the little child to bless with His hands and with His hands He wipes away our tears.

Those hands deserved the utmost expensive nard ointment and a solid gem encased gold ring on His finger., but Jesus is as the child reaching for the injured bird caught in  the thorns, to save it from death.   Happily he saves the bird , not concerned with the thorn caused bloody wounds.  All Jesus ever expressed with His hands was Divine love.

Even when Jesus used His hands to hold the whip that drove the money changers out of the Temple, He wielded that whip with Divine Love..   Not to injure the money changers, but to detox the Temple of the festering greed of alliance with this World’s system.

The Holy Spirit always led His hands, but it was mankind who mistreated them , bludgeoning them with thick iron stake-like nails., damaging the flesh , muscles and nerves in His hands/wrists as His arms were forced out of joint as they hammered them onto the wooden crossbeam of His cross.  The cross He was made to carry up Golgotha with those splintered hands of love.  The cross made of wood from trees He had once shaped as a carpenter’s son.  Trees He had created centuries earlier with His Father and Holy Spirit for this Earth.. made out of love for man and beast.

No, our Lord deserved precious ointment on those hands,!    In Heaven, we will see those hands and if He permits, we will kiss them in tears, for what He endured to pull us out of the Thorns of this World and our self, to set us free to embrace Him .. with our hands!

photo from the movie, The Passion of Christ, by Mel Gibson)

The following is a vision a “dear sister in Christ” shared with me that she had a few years ago.  She asks that all who read this put yourself in her place..  as He loves us ALL the same, and died for us ALL! :

“I will continue with this vision that I had several years ago and even now..and just put yourself in my place for His love is for All!

I was selling and such at a market where Mother Mary lived.  And she bought some produce or the like, and we started to talk.  I was only about 14 or 15.  I guess my parents there had this little market set up outside with a tent like covering and rows of items of food to buy, I think mostly vegs and fruits.  Well Mother Mary and I hit if off so much laughing and talking and she said if I was in her part of the town to do stop by and see her and have something to eat and drink with her.  And I said yes, I would love to.  She never mentioned that she had a Son…

Well one day I had some time and I went to her part where she lived in a very modest place..simple. On the way were some little wild flowers growing by the side of the road..yellow I think, but I don’t know what type they were.  I had a bunch full, and they were about 8″ high in my hand.

I found her place and the door was opened to a table and chairs and she was making tea I think and was so happy that I came by to see her.  She saw the flowers and I said to her..”they looked a little lonely and I thought you might cheer them up.”  She smiled and put them into a little one made of clay or a similar material.
We were talking and she wanted me to stay to have some dinner or lunch..not sure what time of day… middle afternoon I think.  Maybe 2-3pm- I think.

So as she was preparing something for us, I heard this little noise in a back room.. And I looked over to where it was coming from.  She never told me about Jesus living with her.  So as I was looking, a curtain sort of material moved to the side and there was Jesus!!  Oh, my He was so nice looking and I wondered “who is this?”  To myself.

Mary did not say a word, just smiled as she fussed at the table before us.  He was only about 24 or so I think.  And our eyes LOCKED.  We just stared at each other….but of course I broke eye contact for it was a bit “off” to stare at someone.  He was very polite and came out to us.  It was some sort of carpentry place He was working at.  I was so surprised;  Mary never told me when she was buying items at the stand we had in town.

  She said nothing… and then it changed that I had to go home and He offered to walk me home to be safe and we just talked in a lovely way all the way to my house.  And we just looked at each other with such peace and respect and attraction for sure.  And I was thinking, of course not really knowing, Who He was…”why does He not have a wife?”
And of course my thoughts were on a roller coaster ride, if you Know What I Mean…lol!

But it ended there, this vision.  But this is For everyone.  The love and that He is the Bridegroom of Creation…He belongs to us all.  In perfect love.
So I wanted to share this with you.  I have not told another yet.  I have had other visions similar..maybe another day.  Share if you want, but maybe keep my name out of it as I tend to be a bit private with this.  Just say “a dear spiritual sister in Christ”, I guess.

Ok, love and prayers and again…..this is for us all.  Just put yourself in my place..and enjoy the visit!


alleged actual outer garment belonging to Jesus.. that was stripped from Him.  ( photo is an  U.S. Air Force photo taken by 2nd Lt. Stephani Schafer)


All of us are familiar with the account where Jesus washes His disciples feet., but let us look deeper into this account..  and take a closer look at Jesus.

John 13: 1-17 relays this entire event, but let us focus on John 13: 3-5, especially.   John relays to us how Jesus “laid aside His outer garments” before putting a towel around His waste, getting on His knees before the disciples and washing each of their dirty feet.   The very mentioning of Him laying aside His outer garments is very significant.. and as is always the case,  the Holy Spirit intended for that detail to be recorded in the Scriptures.

Jesus “Lay aside His Royal garments of Diety” from birth..  from the moment He was born on Earth .. in a stable, and laid in hay in an animal feeding trough.   Throughout His life and ministry, He laid aside His reputation,  living as a “nobody” amongst nobodies.    And upon His execution, He again “lay aside His garments” to fulfill His Father’s will with love as His Father’s “bondslave”, and die an unfair torturous criminals’ death, to pay the price for mankind’s fall.   He again laid aside not only His Royal garments,  but also any rights to Himself whatsoever.     Before He died, hanging there in great pain and blood, He watched the guards gamble for His clothing..  They were gambling for His garments as He hung there dying so that they could be clothed in HIS righteousness one day.

Stripped of everything on all levels,  He never protested, but willingly “laid aside” all, for the Father, Who clothed Him again with Heaven’s garment of perfect Righteousness as our King of Kings..destined to be our King on Earth for the Father as He is in Heaven.

ps..  I asked the Lord if He would give me something of His recorded words from “He and I” pertaining to this, and I blindly opened up to the following:  

“Havn’t I been your Brother?  Don’t I know human nature and the life of man on earth?  You are so used to picturing Me as the God in heaven that you forget how I toiled, suffered from cold, heat, hunger, just as you do.  But I was always more afflicted than you.  When the last day comes and you look for Him who on earth was the poorest and most tortured of men you will recognize the Son of Man and you will understand why He received the greatest weight of glory.”

Where Do You Dwell?



John the Baptist pointed Jesus out to his followers, “Behold, the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the World” (John 1:29) after seeing Jesus walking towards them.   The following day, he saw Jesus again (walking further away from them) and to the two disciples that were with him, he exclaimed, “Behold, the Lamb of God!”

These two disciples of John left John and went after Jesus.  Jesus turned and saw them walking after Him, and He asked them, “what do you seek?” .   They replied, “Rabbi, where do you dwell?”,   and Jesus replied, “Come and see”.    So the disciples stayed with Jesus.   The scriptures state, “and it was the tenth hour”.      That is very significant , and definitely something the Holy Spirit made sure got into the translation.    The number #10 in scriptures represents “all that man can contain”.   An example of that is the fact that God created mankind with ten fingers ; we need ten to hold “all that we can contain” in our hands.    The disciples had reached all that they could contain in what they learned from John..,   but they were ready to “graduate” and move on spiritually with Jesus.     John’s other disciples were not ready and were comfortable remaining in the “status quo” with John’s teachings.

John the Baptist actually encouraged and wanted to see all of his disciples follow after Jesus, but it was up to each disciple to make that choice.. he wouldn’t push them.  Two of his disciples MADE that choice and moved on with Jesus.  They saw where He “dwelled”, and they wanted to dwell with Him also.

Later in Jesus’s ministry, after all 12 disciples were given to Him by the Father,  Jesus was teaching the multitudes who always gathered around Him to see Him perform miracles and healings.  Eventually,  the Lord finished His parables with the multitudes, and “calling it a day”,  excused Himself and walked with His disciples up a mountain or elevated area of the land to rest.    In those multitudes were certain ones who also wanted to see where “Jesus dwelt”.   They were also not content with seeing what Jesus could do or perform.  They wanted to learn more about HIM.  Their spirits were hungry for more than just the spectacular.

When Jesus reached the top of that mount, He turned around and saw many had continued to follow Him up to the top., whereas the majority left to go back to their homes.   He sat down and it was at this mount that He shared with these hungry souls deeper teachings of the Kingdom of God..  things that the multitudes were not ready to hear.  It was here that Jesus taught these souls the Beatitudes.. and the narrow path that leads directly to His Kingdom.

Jesus taught them what it means to be nothing in the eyes of man, but known only to God, the Father.  To serve instead of seeking to be served, and to be willing to stand “last in line” for His sake.  This is the way of the Kingdom and this is where Jesus “dwells”♥

Let us “come and see!”

ps.   After recording this meditation in my journal, I asked our Lord if He would permit me to open up to something pertaining to this from His recorded words in “He and I”.,   and this is what He gave me!:

“.. You have noticed how sometimes you get others to follow you without saying a word?  I wanted to leave all of you My example;  it said, “Follow Me.  This will be your response to Love.”  Do you think there were many who heard and followed?  My sweat of blood in Gethsemane was for that.  For that the tears that disfigured My face so much that Peter, James and John had difficulty recognizing Me.   Oh little flock of My most faithful friends, come to meet Me every day in a passage of the Gospels.  Look for My heart there, and give Me yours.”

phChadwick_stonemangerauthenticphoto of actual manger feeding trough used during the days Jesus was born .

    “How little we understand what Jesus had to endure in coming into this World” – quote from an anonymous pastor  

Upon the manger there,
The faeries watched Him lay;
With angels guarding at His side;
His face as bright as Day;”Come away God’s little Child,
Our Creator’s Son in man;
Let us take you far from here;
Unto a better land;
A land enchanted you deserve;
Come Lord with us today”
The faeries pleaded at our Savior
As He lay upon the hay;

“Come to our World of Love
and happy song,
With crystal waters,
Brilliant flowers,
Where you, God’s child, belong.
Not here, with arid wasteland’s man
Who will crush you with the thorn;
Come with us to our secret realm,
Oh holy Child, newborn!

“After the faeries pleaded
The angels softly said:
“He will not go, His face is set”
With Love this Child is led;
For men’s mistakes He’ll give His life;
To save Earth from the dead;
And take man back to Heaven’s Realms,
… So come with Him instead!

“With that the faeries understood;
The God-Child will turn bad to good;
with love they kissed the tender face,
of Him Whom came to save man’s race.



This morning, as I lay in bed in the quiet , I heard the Lord speak to me.. in His still small voice that you can almost not even pay attention to if you’re not listening…    Sometimes when He speaks to us, He chooses to speak in a way where He uses our own thoughts , but they are not our words..   as though to impress upon us that when we are united in Him,   our very thoughts reflect HIS words and express what He wants within us.   We are His vessels, He is our Voice- if we but allow Him to express HIS voice through us.

He spoke of the definition of those who walk in His Kingdom.. His Body,. His Invisible Church called out from the majority, who seek to serve Him alone.   His genuine disciples (is what I’m hearing Him tell me this minute) .    His words were:  “I will do anything for You, My King” (not lip service, but they mean it);  “That She is living in Me;  that She is living in My sweet humility.”  Then I heard a pause, and then one word:  KINGDOM”.

He was giving me the definition of those walking in His Kingdom… what it means to be a part of His Kingdom, on Earth as in Heaven.  When the Lord says “Woman” or “She” , He is referring to His Body… His Invisible Church called out from the World, including the religious Christian World.

I asked the Lord if He would allow me to open up to anything of His recorded words in “He and I’, regarding this, and I blindly opened up to the following:

“Why be anxious of the opinion of others;  isnt’ Mine enough?  If you are with Me, let them talk.  Take your place on My shoulder and forget everything.  You’re walking in My footsteps.  You’re seeking to please Me, aren’t you?  You may judge yourself on this desire to please Me at all times.  And you can be sure that this does not come from you but from the Spirit Who is in you- in your inner temple when you are in grace.  Then could you find cause for anything else but humility?…”

And when I shared this entire incident this morning of hearing our Lord speak those words with my mother.,  she interrupted me and told me that the Holy Spirit just gave her the following:  “Stay close to  the thought of “what would Jesus do in all things”.

On The Path That Leads to You


My Jesus, You are the smile on my face,

My saving grace,

And I live for Your Promise

that one day I will meet You

Face to face.


It is not I who is the one that leads your sheep,

Sure footed,

Out front and standing tall.


I follow behind

And have been known to fall


Yet knowing that I somehow remain on that path,

which one day will lead to You –

Brings to me the kind of Joy

that I never knew.


And I admit it is a true adventure each new day,

following Your guidance and

Patiently listening and waiting for Your word.

For only then am I urged to follow a particular course of action.

All the while,

confident that my direction is Your command

That my open heart has heard.


Oh, my precious Jesus,

Truly there is no life without Your breath,

Only empty days full of decay and spiritual death.


Allow me sweet Jesus to apologize for all

who continually hurt thee, including me.

My Savior who has given His all

To set us free.


Jesus while I wait to spend eternity with Thee,

Each precious day on earth is an opportunity.

An opportunity to work at becoming pleasing in Your eyes.

Until that day when I am lifted up to meet You

In Your heavenly skies,

May I always be in You as You are in me.



Written by Eileen Renders for Jesus




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