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phChadwick_stonemangerauthenticphoto of actual manger feeding trough used during the days Jesus was born .

    “How little we understand what Jesus had to endure in coming into this World” – quote from an anonymous pastor  

Upon the manger there,
The faeries watched Him lay;
With angels guarding at His side;
His face as bright as Day;”Come away God’s little Child,
Our Creator’s Son in man;
Let us take you far from here;
Unto a better land;
A land enchanted you deserve;
Come Lord with us today”
The faeries pleaded at our Savior
As He lay upon the hay;

“Come to our World of Love
and happy song,
With crystal waters,
Brilliant flowers,
Where you, God’s child, belong.
Not here, with arid wasteland’s man
Who will crush you with the thorn;
Come with us to our secret realm,
Oh holy Child, newborn!

“After the faeries pleaded
The angels softly said:
“He will not go, His face is set”
With Love this Child is led;
For men’s mistakes He’ll give His life;
To save Earth from the dead;
And take man back to Heaven’s Realms,
… So come with Him instead!

“With that the faeries understood;
The God-Child will turn bad to good;
with love they kissed the tender face,
of Him Whom came to save man’s race.




This morning, as I lay in bed in the quiet , I heard the Lord speak to me.. in His still small voice that you can almost not even pay attention to if you’re not listening…    Sometimes when He speaks to us, He chooses to speak in a way where He uses our own thoughts , but they are not our words..   as though to impress upon us that when we are united in Him,   our very thoughts reflect HIS words and express what He wants within us.   We are His vessels, He is our Voice- if we but allow Him to express HIS voice through us.

He spoke of the definition of those who walk in His Kingdom.. His Body,. His Invisible Church called out from the majority, who seek to serve Him alone.   His genuine disciples (is what I’m hearing Him tell me this minute) .    His words were:  “I will do anything for You, My King” (not lip service, but they mean it);  “That She is living in Me;  that She is living in My sweet humility.”  Then I heard a pause, and then one word:  KINGDOM”.

He was giving me the definition of those walking in His Kingdom… what it means to be a part of His Kingdom, on Earth as in Heaven.  When the Lord says “Woman” or “She” , He is referring to His Body… His Invisible Church called out from the World, including the religious Christian World.

I asked the Lord if He would allow me to open up to anything of His recorded words in “He and I’, regarding this, and I blindly opened up to the following:

“Why be anxious of the opinion of others;  isnt’ Mine enough?  If you are with Me, let them talk.  Take your place on My shoulder and forget everything.  You’re walking in My footsteps.  You’re seeking to please Me, aren’t you?  You may judge yourself on this desire to please Me at all times.  And you can be sure that this does not come from you but from the Spirit Who is in you- in your inner temple when you are in grace.  Then could you find cause for anything else but humility?…”

And when I shared this entire incident this morning of hearing our Lord speak those words with my mother.,  she interrupted me and told me that the Holy Spirit just gave her the following:  “Stay close to  the thought of “what would Jesus do in all things”.

On The Path That Leads to You


My Jesus, You are the smile on my face,

My saving grace,

And I live for Your Promise

that one day I will meet You

Face to face.


It is not I who is the one that leads your sheep,

Sure footed,

Out front and standing tall.


I follow behind

And have been known to fall


Yet knowing that I somehow remain on that path,

which one day will lead to You –

Brings to me the kind of Joy

that I never knew.


And I admit it is a true adventure each new day,

following Your guidance and

Patiently listening and waiting for Your word.

For only then am I urged to follow a particular course of action.

All the while,

confident that my direction is Your command

That my open heart has heard.


Oh, my precious Jesus,

Truly there is no life without Your breath,

Only empty days full of decay and spiritual death.


Allow me sweet Jesus to apologize for all

who continually hurt thee, including me.

My Savior who has given His all

To set us free.


Jesus while I wait to spend eternity with Thee,

Each precious day on earth is an opportunity.

An opportunity to work at becoming pleasing in Your eyes.

Until that day when I am lifted up to meet You

In Your heavenly skies,

May I always be in You as You are in me.



Written by Eileen Renders for Jesus





I want to share a beautiful testimony by Geoffrey Cohen, shared on the Sid Roth program.. it was an older testimony from around the 1980s or 1990’s… one of Sid Roth’s “Classic programs” of the past that he re-airs from time to time.

Geoffrey Cohen was a good Jewish man , who while not antagonistic against Jesus, didn’t really believe Jesus was even Jewish.., but some Gentile figure who helps the Catholic folks find God .,   but He probably isn’t even Hebrew, and certainly isn’t alive any longer or their resurrected Messiah.

One day he was on a trip to Jerusalem, and happened to hear a sermon on Jesus… which though he found confusing, it began opening his heart to Jesus Christ.    While in the City of Jerusalem, near the Jaffa Gate,  he had a visitation of Jesus Christ.,standing 20 yards away from him, and dressed in the clothing the Hebrew men wore 2000 years ago.,  robe, tunic and all.   He had the same body build as Geoffrey did, and yet , while Geoffrey was pure Jewish, Jesus looked even MORE Middle-Eastern than Geoffrey did, with much darker skin as well.   His eyes looked right into his heart and were something he could never forget, even 16 years after sharing his encounter.   He described Jesus’s eyes as “liquid love” that could see everything about him instantly..  and He spoke only one word to Geoffrey.. (without opening His mouth, but speaking into Geoffrey’s mind)  “Hineni”, He said.    And Geoffrey, being Hebrew, knew that He said, “Here Am I” in ancient Hebrew.

When I listened to that part of the testimony, of Jesus saying that,  I thought of Isaac telling his father, Abraham, “Here am I”, when Abraham called him, and I thought of the soldiers falling down in the Garden of Gethsemane when He said, “I Am He”., at the spiritual power of His voice.

The Holy Spirit stirred my heart as I reflected on that precious moment Geoffrey had, meeting our King in Exile, face to face., and experiencing that He IS the living Messiah, resurrected by the Holy Spirit and interceding for us all.

I asked the Lord if He would allow me to open to anything from a devotional book, I have, titled, Jesus Calling… and also “He and I”.     What I opened from Jesus Calling, I will share here:   “I Am all around you, like a cocoon of Light.  My Presence is a promise, independent of your awareness of Me…. In this world you will have problems, but you need not lose sight of Me.”

Here Am I,  Hineni♥♥♥

the passion of the christ serpent garden of olives passion021

(photos from the movie, The Passion of Christ, produced by Mel Gibson)


Below is an actual transcript of Jesus’, through the Holy Spirit sharing with sister, Tracy Savannah, a little of His experience on Earth..   and His message to us all.   Tracy is baptized by the Holy Spirit, so when she goes into prayer, she can connect with Him and hear Him speak all the more clearly to her.   This message can be found on Tracy’s You Tube channel a this link: and was given to her on 11/2/18

“I walked alone, but I was NOT alone because the Father was with Me.  I was way out of their league.  The people- the generation that I came to preach the Kingdom of God to were way out of My league.  They had made up their own minds, their own precepts, their own doctrines.      I came to provide a NEW doctrine to them- to their ears they had not ever heard and not ever seen with their eyes.  They had no idea.

I had to lean on My Father like never before.  When I was in Heaven, I was near My Father at all times.  I was not flesh.  So when I came to this earth, I had to lean on Him like never before in My life.        Oh, it was grand!   It was quite the experience.  It was amazing!  It was wonderful, it was glorified. (Tracy:  “wow, I feel your heart, Jesus..)

Jesus continues:  When I was tempted of the devil, I knew I had power over him by the word of God.  The word of God crushed him under My feet.  Use My word to crush the devil under your feet, My children. (Tracy:  “Yes, JESUS!”).   The devil has no power over you – over My word.  Stop letting the devil under your feet- he’s crushed by My word.  My word goes out of My mouth- it is like a two edged sword.  It fights dominions, it fights principalities, it fights devils, it fights darkness.  Start speaking My word, children.  Speaking My word over every single area of your life that is dark, and you will see the Light come.  It is MY Light- My Light is the Word.

I AM the Word- yes- I AM the Word made FLESH.  Open your eyes, children.  Get My word inside of you, Get ME inside of you- I’m Jesus.  I love you all- each and everyone.  I am alive;  I am real.  I Am the Resurrection and I am the Life.”

Jesus’s Comings




Matthew 24: 44  “Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

In the Song of Solomon, Chapter 5,  the Shulamite woman was not ready for the Beloved when His hand was on the latch of her door.   Though she was intimate with Him,  her spirit  stirring at His very presence, her soul failed her as she did not want to be inconvenienced in having to get back up from bed.   It is similar with the five foolish Virgins.  All ten virgins in the parable had a level of relationship with Jesus Christ, yet only five were ready to meet their Bridegroom at His arrival.  The other five allowed other things to take priority over their Beloved.   When the call came for their Bridegrooms soon arrival, they found they had little oil left in their lamps..  They  never made a point to cultivate their relationship with the Holy Spirit, and had never gone beyond receiving Jesus as not only their Savior, but also the Lord and King of their hearts.    When the Bridegroom arrived,  they cried for Him to open the door for them, but it remained shut.  He never knew them., because they never allowed themselves to get to know HIM.

Getting back to the Shulamite woman in the Song of Solomon,  there is a prophetic correlation between her experience and the disciples’ experience of sleeping in Gethsemane while Jesus was asking , “Could you not watch and pray with me for one hour?”  At the end of verse 1, Chapter 5, we read: “Eat, oh friends, and drink;  drink deeply, oh Lovers.”  This verse seems prophetic of when Jesus broke the bread and offered His disciples wine in the upper room.    “Take , eat- this is My body broken for you.”  With the wine, He said, “Drink of it;  all of you, for this is My blood of the covenant which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.” This intimate moment between Jesus, our Bridegroom and His disciples was truly a sacred event.. no doubt with tears of emotion shared between them as they shared that bread and wine.. in rememberance of Him, and His Sacrifice He was about to do for all mankind’s sake.    Jesus, full of tenderness , could truly say with passion to His disciples, and all who sincerely take Holy Communion, “Eat, oh friends, and drink;  drink deeply, Oh lovers!”

In verse 2 of Song of Solomon, the Shulamite woman continues:  “I slept but My heart was awake.  Hark!  My Beloved is kneeling.   “Open to Me, My sister, My love, My dove, My perfect one- for My head is wet with dew, My locks with the drops of the night.”   Her Beloved had just endured the labor of spiritual battle against the Enemy.  It was so intense that His hair was wet with perspiration .. from the events of the night.  No doubt, He sought solace and encouragement from the one He loved, but she was too comfortable  to get out of her bed to open the door for  Him.  When she finally made the effort, He had departed

In Gethsemane, Jesus , also, endured great spiritual attack from the forces of darkness, where His hair and body was drenched with His own perspiration..  as though drenched in blood.  (and it is quite probable that His perspiration was also mixed with actual blood).   “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me;  nevertheless not as I will, but as Thou wilt.”  He cried to the Father after falling on His face in agonizing prayer.  Scripture continues:  “And He came to the disciples and found them sleeping and He said to Peter, “so could you not watch with Me for one hour?”  “Watch and pray that you may not enter temptation.  The spirit, indeed, is willing but the flesh is weak.”


Just as with the Shulamite in the Song of Solomon,  Jesus’s closest disciples gave into their flesh and failed to be available when their Bridegroom needed them the most.   Notice how the scripture is worded, “He Came” to the disciples.  Just as the Beloved CAME to the Shulamite at an inconvenient time for her,  our Lord often comes to us.. when we least expect or are ready for Him.    There are many visitations Jesus gives us, before His Final Return on this Earth.

In verse 6 of Song of Solomon, we read:  “I opened to My Beloved, but My Beloved had turn and gone.  My soul failed Me when He spoke.  I sought Him but found Him not.  I called Him but He gave no answer.”   In Matthew 26:  45-46, we are shown how Jesus was taken away from His disciples.   Seized by the temple guards right after they awoke from their slumber.   Ready to surrender Himself to His enemies, and knowing they were about to take Him, verse 45 reads:  “Then He came to His disciples and said to them, “Are you still sleeping and taking your rest?  Behold, the hour is at hand and the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners.”     While His disciples were not ready or prepared , Jesus , Himself, was always alert and prepared for His Father’s will.   Nothing caught Him off guard.. no matter how inconvenient the situation was.  So abandoned is He to the Father’s will.

After Jesus surrendered Himself to the temple guards and was taken away,  His disciples could then say with the Shulamite woman:   “I opened to My Beloved, but My Beloved had turned and gone.  My soul failed Me when He spoke.”…    And after the three long days of hiding after Jesus was put to death by crucifixion and His body had “disappeared” from His tomb, they could also say, ”  I sought Him but found Him not.  I called Him, but He gave no answer.”

After Jesus’s resurrection, He came to them again.. behind locked doors., and there was much rejoicing.   He, in His mercy, came to them, even though they had left Him alone at His most vulnerable moments before His death.

How ironic and typical our human nature is that we get so easily offended in God when it seems HE is being  quiet, and unresponsive toward us,  yet when HE knocks on the doors of our hearts, we have no problem ignoring Him.    Recall the incident when Jesus was asleep on the disciples boat during a storm over the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus was asleep, but His spirit was very much awake, and was aware of what was going on.   In fear, the disciples  awoke Him with a tone of resentment, “Master, do you care not that we perish!?”, they said.   He calmly sat up in the boat, rebuked the sea and the waves, and asked them, “why are you still afraid.  Do you still have no faith?”

I just now asked Jesus in prayer, if He would allow me to open up to something of His recorded words from “He and I” pertaining to this topic (since this is HIS blog)..   and wow, here is what He had me open up to! :

“…In the very place where I want your love, beyond and above all things.  Above all things- that is where I Am.   Rise to meet Me.  Always.”

What Jesus Completed


Early this May, I had finished reading Max Lucado’s “coffee table” style photo book, “The Cross” and was stirred by many of the truths Max shared regarding Jesus, that he had received from the Holy Spirit and shared with the reader.  One of the truths mentioned that I had NEVER ever noticed before really stirred me.

When God finished Creation He  said, “It is finished”, and  when Jesus, Our Alpha and Omega (First and Last) died FOR created man.. and all Creation, He also said “It is finished”.      I had never considered this before and the fact that this was not a coincidence.,  but probably something that John, Jesus’s close disciple, reflected upon later and kept in his heart.

Jesus, “The Second Adam” completed and finished paying the price by the shedding of His own blood so that the “First Adam” (Us) could once again become re-united back to the Father..  and commune with Him as in the Garden of Eden before mankind sinned and severed his connection and relationship with the Creator..   The Creator Who created man, so that man would not live independently FROM God., but live forever in, through and WITH God in perfect unity.

The Father was able to say “It is Finished” upon completing His Creation,    and thousands of years later, His Son,  was able to say upon His last breath on the cross of Sacrifice, “It is Finished”  to bring us BACK to the Father.

I asked the Lord if He would allow me to open up to a selection of His messages to Gabrielle Bossis pertaining to this,  and after my request to Him, I blindly opened up “He and I”, to the following:

“….Don’t be unfaithful.  I was faithful even to torment, even to public disgrace.  Look full in My face and try to understand.  Enter into the inner stillness.  Everything was for My children, for you, My child.- like a love letter written to you with My blood and received by you long afterward.  But I am always alive and My love is always the same.”



This morning is a day that we call “Easter” ,.. but which should truly be termed “Resurrection Sunday” .   It is a morning where our Lord Jesus was brought back to life by the Holy Spirit and permanently left the grave.     Prior to this Day, He had made the ultimate sacrifice of Himself , for all mankind.  A Sacrifice He had made before the foundations of the earth in the spiritual realms with the Father and Holy Spirit,  and which He later made in body and soul.   He literally is the Heavenly Father’s “Isaac” who gave of Himself on the wood.. on the mountain that the Father chose (Golgotha)

Every ounce of His blood was shed for us.. undeserving as we are and blameless as He is.♥

I asked Him if He would allow me to open up blindly to something pertaining to this from His recorded words in “He and I”, and this is what I opened up to!:

“And since I am yours, why don’t you offer Me more often to Heaven from the depths of your heart?  It is always now.   Didn’t you understand that when you were in Jerusalem and prayed at Calvary?   I am always crucified before the Father, who sees all time in a single instant;  I am always the Lamb of God.

… Tenderly offer your sacrifice for the world.  Aren’t there others weaker than you?  Can they rise up without Me?  If you wanted to save a person very dear to you and this beloved person refused your help, how much you would suffer!  I want to help the World, and the world refuses My help.  Speak to the Father about His Son on the cross, so that He will let Himself be touched and send Light to these hardened ones who do not even look at Me.  You know how one speaks to a father who is watching his son die?  Won’t this father hasten to carry out his child’s last wishes?   Remind Him of the words, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”  It is always now.

And if He forgives , what will He not do?  Do you know the outpouring of any love like His?  A love as vehement, as faithful , as all-consuming, as full of delicate and incomparable sweetness.  A love that is all readiness.  It is now, this love.

It is always now.”♥

Visions from the Lord

My Beloved Is Mine

It is my sincere hope that everyone reading this is filled with the joy of Christ.  Today I want to share with you all a series of dream encounters I had with the Lord this week.

I received one on Monday, and two on Thursday.

The Lord has been answering my prayer to have more encounters with Him, and for them to become more tangible.  Recently I renewed a request I had abandoned some time ago, to see Him on His cross. To be there with Him. A little bit before this I had a vision in the spirit where I was trying to make it through the crowd as they were leading Him to Golgotha, crying out for them to let Him go.  And just after I started making this request to Him I began having small visions in the spirit of scenes from movies where He is dying…

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A Garden Enclosed


When Jesus was born into this World,  He was lovingly cared for by Joseph and Mary, … being born in a stable , that actually looked more like  a stone cave-like tomb than what we depict in paintings as a wooden shed-like structure.    He was wrapped in “swaddling cloths” by Mary, after His birth amongst the beasts..   such as horses, mules, asses., etc.He had no place to lay His head even then..   as no one would find room for Mary and Joseph to give birth to Him.

After His crucifixion , His body was met by another Joseph.. Joseph of Arimethea , Nicodemus, and his mother, Mary., who again lovingly covered His body with a linen shroud, after she and the women with her lovingly anointed His body with spices and precious oils.   He was laid not in a manger, this time, but an actual stone tomb., in a garden.  This time, His body was not amongst the wild beasts.    Beast-like unredeemed man lurked around Him, instead, as He hung dying on the cross.

In a garden, God placed the first humans, Adam and Eve, who were later cast out of that garden.      In the Song of Solomon,  mention is made of a garden :   “A garden locked is my sister, my bride, a spring locked, a fountain sealed.” (Song of Sol 4:12).   

Jesus often rested at Gethsemane’s garden with His disciples, and in His final hour before surrendering Himself before His crucifixion, He was spiritually attacked by satan in that garden as He prayed to the Father for strength.. while His disciples slept.

After His resurrection in that garden tomb.,  He appeared to Mary of Magdala as a gardener., and that He truly is because He prunes the garden of our hearts and cleans it up from weeds so that He might rest there and have a place to lay His head within our hearts.
























































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